Covid-19: CITB chief exec update – 5 August 2020

Good morning,   

Today’s email contains updates on Site Safety Plus (SSP) remote delivery, eCourses and the Construction Talent Retention Scheme. There is also a reminder that apprenticeships delivery in England changed from frameworks to standards on 1 August. 

SSP courses delivered 

Between April and June this year, 5,570 Site Safety Plus training courses were completed remotely, due to the increased adoption of online learning.  

While restricted face-to-face learning is now taking place, remote delivery of SSP courses has been extended until December 2020, enabling even more employees to accelerate their training. 

eCourses update 

In June, CITB introduced eCourses, to provide an additional learning option for employees unable to access traditional training. To date, 424 eCourses have been purchased with 274 candidates having successfully completed the SSP Health & Safety Awareness (HSA) eCourse. The response from learners has been positive; we want to hear all and any feedback so that we can learn from it and tailor our services accordingly.  

Thomas said: “So easy, once my employer gave me the voucher I logged on, completed the exam and was on site the following day.” 

Philip said: “New to the construction industry but my card is already on its way to me, very pleased with the experience.”  

An employer buying vouchers for their staff said: “Found the purchasing process so easy and will certainly be using it in the future.” 

Construction Talent Retention Scheme update 

The CLC’s recently-launched Talent Retention Scheme (CTRS) is an online portal matching employers who have job opportunities to individuals seeking employment across the breadth of construction and the built environment. It’s already off to a promising start with circa 550 employers registered and over 280 vacancies posted, with more being added every day. 

If you are an employer looking to recruit, please sign up, at no cost, helping to retain talent and skills across the sector that could otherwise be lost. If you have already registered please upload all the vacancies you have, helping ensure this Government-funded initiative is a success.    

As part of our CLC partnership, CITB is contacting affected apprentices to find alternative employment in industry. If you’re willing to take on an apprentice who has been made redundant please contact the CTRS or get in touch with CITB.   

Apprenticeships in England have changed – reminder 

On 1 August, new employer-designed standards replaced frameworks for employers in England, to give them greater control over apprenticeship programmes and to ensure apprentices develop the skills industry needs. From March 2021 all apprenticeships will also have to be set up using the Government’s Apprenticeship Service. 

So, if you are an employer in England who is still using apprenticeship frameworks, now is the time to be moving to standards and to set up an Apprenticeship Service account so that you can manage your apprenticeships. More information and support can be found here. 

CITB continues to support Apprenticeships in Scotland and Wales where the system is different and the above England changes don't apply. 

A reminder… 

CITB’s COVID-19 Urgent Messages page is refreshed daily and includes updates on the full range of our work.  

You can also read the range of support measures made available to UK businesses and employees by the UK Government.  

I would like to wish you, your colleagues and family a safe and pleasant week ahead. My next update will be on Wednesday 12 August.  

Kind wishes  

Sarah Beale
Chief Executive