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Women explain how they have excelled in Welsh construction

women virtual callInspiring women into construction is the goal of a new video that has been created by CITB and partners.

Released for International Women’s Day and Women in Construction Week, the short film showcases women who have pursued a rewarding career in the sector, explaining how they came to work in the industry as they answer a series of questions from young people across Wales.

Explaining the range of opportunities available, a typical day’s work and what they enjoy most about the role are all covered by the women in the video. They also discuss the barriers they faced, how the industry is becoming more inclusive, the misconceptions that are being challenged, and how the sector has a crucial role to play in supporting Britain’s post-Covid economic recovery.

Victoria Walsh, CITB Customer Engagement Manager for Wales, said: “Construction is an industry with a reputation for being male-dominated, but there are increasing opportunities for everyone in the sector with such a wide range of jobs available. Here at CITB we’re supporting businesses and workers to realise the variety of opportunities available. This will enable students or those looking for a change of job to enjoy a rewarding career in construction, while employers can benefit from the plethora of advantages that come from having a diverse workforce.”

Involved in the film are Wilmott Dixon’s regional head of sustainability Jo Charles, John Weaver’s contracts manager Jennifer Parker, Carter Lauren’s assistant quantity surveyor Hannah Brown, and Anwyl’s trainee assistant site manager Chloe Annis.

Andrea Jones, Operational/Development Manager for Careers Wales, said:

“There is extensive research that demonstrates the impact that engagement with employers can have on young peoples’ ability to make sound career decisions. Careers Wales is pleased to have been able to work with CITB to produce this video for schools so that despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, we are still able to inform and inspire females who might be considering careers in the construction industry.”

Chloe Annis, apprentice assistant site manager for Anwyl Homes, who appeared on the video, added:

“I really hope that the young women take on board the comments made in the interview when deciding on their future careers and that maybe even one comment may inspire them. Don’t be afraid or shy away from your decisions as you won’t know until you try. When I was deciding my future I never had videos of people within the actual industry talking about their experiences so I hope that the video was useful and answered any questions. I hope to be seeing some more females in the industry in the future.”

With the increasing number of jobs in the construction sector to help meet Britain’s ambitious growth target, there will be more and more opportunities for women to begin their career in the industry.