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North East

Local successes

See details of local industry events, support and networks 

What's happening in your area

There are no events listed at the moment for the North East area. Please check back to check for future events.

Support for your business

North East Growth Hub

The North East LEP's Business Growth Programme provides the framework for an investment of over £200m in access to finance and business support over six years. This investment will increase profitability, wages and employment across the local economy.


Constructing Excellence North East

Constructing Excellence North East is a business support organisation for the North East construction industry, dedicated to delivering improved industry performance in order to achieve a better built environment.


Help to train, recruit and fund your staff

North East Business Support Fund

Get funding and support for your business and join over 3000 businesses who've grown and improved with the North East Business Support Fund.


Innovation SuperNetwork North East

The Innovation SuperNetwork is a 'network of networks'. It brings together over 50 partners and more than 5,000 businesses to generate fresh ideas, new market opportunities, knowledge and money.


Training groups in your area

There are three training groups in your area concentrating in different fields.

Your local adviser

Your adviser for this area is Mark Crosby.

Please use the contact form at the top of the page and Mark will get back to you.

Training projects funded by CITB

You can get funding to improve your workforce's skills, or to devise a new training course for others.

See how the Esh group has started training the next generation in carbon reduction.

Contact your local CITB apprenticeship officer

This will be confirmed shortly. Please check back for further information.

What's happening in your area

There are no events scheduled for the Tees Valley area at the moment. Please check back soon for updates.

Support for your business

Your LEP can help your business grow

Tees Valley Combined Authority
Cavendish House
Teesdale Business Park
Tees Valley TS17 6QY

Tel: 01642 524400


Help for you to recruit and train staff

The Skills Support for the Workforce Programme is a free service, created to help small to medium-sized employers turn their business growth plans into reality by upskilling their existing workforce. We work with employers to identify their skills gaps and recommend bespoke training plans which will give their workforce they skills they need to grow the business. And the best bit – we even deliver the training for free.

Visit the Skills Support for the Worforce website

Training groups

There are no training groups in the Tees Valley area at the moment. Contact your local adviser for more information.

Tees Valley local adviser

Your local adviser is Sharon Bew. She covers Tees Valley, North Yorkshire and York.


Telephone: 07826510337

Email: sharon.bew@citb.co.uk    

Please note that Sharon is available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

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