Strategic Plan 2021-25 - industry engagement

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CITB announced that this year, Consensus would be suspended.  Therefore the consultation period for all Levy-registered employers did not run for the full period and CITB only received limited participants' feedback,  the findings of which are available here: Consultation Report (PDF, 1MB)

Earlier this summer, CITB sought views from industry leaders, stakeholders and a cross-section of construction employers on our thinking of what the priorities for construction are over the next few years and how to fund them.  These were collected through one-to-one telephone calls, Customer Voice surveys, meetings and workshops as well as feedback from Prescribed Organisations, Nation Councils and the Board. 

The objectives of this engagement were:

  • Levy Proposals – engagement that takes the place of the usual formal Consenus process.
  • Strategic Plan – gather views to ensure that CITB have the right priorities for where to invest the Levy. 

These views have been built into the Levy Proposals for the 2021 Levy Order and our Strategic Plan 2021-25, which sets out what we believe are the key skills challenges for construction over the next four years, based on what industry views and evidence told us, and what CITB will do to address them.