Organisational structure

A key focus of Policy & Strategic Planning and Education, Training & Skills Development will be on developing the evidence base, the policy positions and the relationships with employers, all levels of government and education that position CITB to lead for the industry.  Policy and Strategic Planning focuses on demand which we seek to understand through economic analysis, business intelligence and listening to industry.  In understanding what is needed and what training and skills provision is already available [supply], allows us to identify the gap.  

Decisions can then be made as to how that gap can be filled.  This may be by us - Delivery and Customer Engagement or by other providers who we may work with in a number of ways.  The Policy and Delivery functions are supported/ enabled by the Corporate Performance part of the organisation.

Policy & Strategic Planning:  

The teams provide research, economic analysis and client relationship management to provide insight into training, skills related issues and sector intelligence.  This supports the industry by identifying future training needs.  Economic analysis on funding, levy-grant development works to ensure that investment in skills and training development is relevant to the economic and political climate for a well-trained, competent and skilled GB workforce.  Employer, federation and client relationships are an important means of shaping and influencing our policy.

Education, Training & Skills Development:  

The teams across England, Scotland and Wales support strategic partnerships with employers, all levels of government and education bodies for the development of training provision & development.  This work contributes to activities and projects that span both the demand and supply side.

Delivery and Customer Engagement:

The teams provide input to the development, maintenance of credible industry approved standards, qualification and apprentice frameworks.  The work includes business development, and customer engagement, for relevant products and service to meet the current and future skills need of the industry.  Customer Operations and Communications, Business development, Apprenticeship delivery and development, Education and Training through the National Construction College are part of team activity.

Corporate Performance:  

The Policy and Delivery functions of CITB are supported by the ‘Enabling’ part of the organisation which consists of Corporate Governance, Business Improvement, Performance and Support, Internal Audit and Organisational Development.

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