Board Committees

Audit and Risk Committee


The Committee is charged with ensuring that the Board and Accounting Officer gain the assurance they need on the adequacy and effectiveness of CITB’s arrangements for risk management, governance and control. In particular, the Audit and Risk Committee will provide assurance on: the strategic processes for risk control and governance, the governance statement; accounting policies; the Annual Report and Accounts; the results of internal and external audit work; the adequacy of management’s response to issues identified by audit; policies in relation to counter-fraud, bribery and whistle-blowing; and consider other topics identified by the Board.

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Investment Funding Committee


The Committee is charged with ensuring the implementation of CITB’s Investment Funding Strategy and Policy and to give the Board assurance that invested funds are applied effectively. In particular, the Investment Funding Committee will advise the Board on the strategic direction of investment funding, including reform of the grants scheme, and an assessment of the impact of funding decisions. It provides an independent review of the funding decisions. The committee may also review specific cases as requested by the executive management team.

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Appointments and Remuneration Committee


The purpose of the Committee is to consider, agree and recommend to the Board an overall remuneration policy for CITB that is aligned with its long term business strategy.

The Appointments and Remuneration Committee will advise and provide assurances to the Board on the appointment of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Board, the Council and each Committee. It will also advise on all aspects of remuneration in respect of the CEO and each of the CEO’s direct reports; the succession planning process for members of the executive and leadership team; and the development of strategic human resources (HR) performance indicators, including the monitoring of these in the context of the CITB strategic plan.

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Disbanded Committees

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