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In April CITB launched a new business plan that sets out its reform agenda for the next three years.

The business plan follows on from the independent ITB review and consultations to reach consensus and a new Levy order for 2018.

We are the Industry Training Board and a partner in the Sector Skills Council for the construction industry in England, Scotland and Wales. 

We are dedicated to ensuring the construction workforce has the right skills for now and the future based on our three strategic priorities – Careers, Standards and Qualifications, and Training and Development.  

Our mission

To attract and support the development of people to construct a better Britain.

Our vision

For British construction to have a recognised, world-class, innovative approach to developing its workforce to deliver quality in the built environment.

Future CITB: Vision 2020

In 2017, CITB conducted one of its largest ever industry consultation exercises and learned what UK construction wants from a modern training body:

  • A streamlined organisation
  • Renewed governance, increased transparency on outcomes and greater accountability regarding their achievement
  • An effective, sustainable business model
  • Better value for levy payers and a reformed grants scheme
  • Modernisation to boost productivity and careers in the industry
  • A sustainable, high quality training and development market.

Throughout the Consensus process we heard further strong messages from Federations and employers that they want to see these reforms happen and quickly.

The independent ITB review represented the final piece in the roadmap towards our future model, and CITB fully supports its vision for a modern training body. Our vision, outlined in the business plan underlines what many of you told us, and identifies how our reforms will support a range of priorities including improved productivity, modernisation and the Industrial Strategy. Read more about Vision 2020.

Our agenda for change

We will:

Be responsive 

By reforming our Grants Scheme, makingpayments easier and more accessible and using ourresources to support a sustainable, responsive and highqualitytraining and development market.

Be innovative

By working closely with industry to developnew and better ways to meet its needs.

Be influential

By building engaging, dynamic partnershipsthat help industry to attract, train and retain its futureworkforce.

Be accountable

Through national campaigns, transparentstrategic planning and a new outcomes focus.

Be representative

Through strong partnerships, renewedgovernance and improved accountability.

Be relevant

By modernising, changing the way we dobusiness and providing the support that our industry needs.CITB will build an evidence base, creating a high-qualitystandards framework, advocating, engaging and influencingto ensure training provision.

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