Our working principles and policies

Conflicts of interest

CITB believes that transparency of decision-making and rigorous scrutiny by external stakeholders is an important part of mitigating any impact arising from conflicts of interest.

Learn more about CITB's approach to conflicts of interest.

Corporate responsibility

As a non-departmental public body, CITB recognises the importance of being a responsible business and the duty to be responsible within the environment we operate in.

Learn more about CITB's corporate responsibility policy.

Equal opportunities

We are committed to fairness, inclusion and respect - also known as equality and diversity - within our organisation. We are an equal opportunities employer.

Learn more about CITB's commitment to equal opportunities.

Health, safety, welfare and environment

CITB are committed to the highest standards of health and safety and support the implementation of its policy objectives through a leadership governance group.

Learn more about CITB's health, safety, welfare and environment policy.

Safeguarding policy

CITB is strongly committed to safeguarding all young people, adult learners and staff against harm, abuse and bullying/harassment.

Learn more about CITB's safeguarding policy.

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