CPCS Approved Company Validator

What is the role of a CPCS Approved Company Validator?

A CPCS Approved Company Validator is nominated by the employing organisation and confirms, through a process of checks, that the CPCS Blue Competent Operator card holder has met all the requirements for the CPCS card to be renewed.

The process of becoming a validator is free of charge, with confirmation of approval being issued.

A CPCS Company Approved Validator is someone employed in a managerial position and approved by the company for this purpose. They may need access to company records to validate logbook entries.

How to become a CPCS Approved Company Validator

To be a CPCS Approved Company Approved Validator you need to:

  • be an employee of the company/organisation
  • have been approved for this purpose by a director/senior manager working for the same organisation
  • able to access company information, if needed, to confirm the work undertaken by the operator
  • assist CITB with quality assurance checks of CPCS logbooks
  • on achievement of the requirements you will need to complete the Application for a CPCS Approved Company Validator (F4/1) form (PDF, 767kb).

Once approved, a letter of confirmation will be issued and a record of the employer/organisation which the Company Validator is employed with recorded.

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