CPCS Approved Company Validator

CITB has sold the Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) to NOCN Group.

The content of the CPCS Web pages within the CITB website is no longer being up-dated and is to be removed by 01/08/19

For up-to-date information on the CPCS please visit www.nocnjobcards.org


What is the role of a CPCS Approved Company Validator?

A CPCS Approved Company Validator is nominated by the employing organisation and confirms, through a process of checks, that the CPCS Blue Competent Operator card holder has met all the requirements for the CPCS card to be renewed.

The process of becoming a validator is free of charge, with confirmation of approval being issued.

A CPCS Company Approved Validator is someone employed in a managerial position and approved by the company for this purpose. They may need access to company records to validate logbook entries.

How to become a CPCS Approved Company Validator

To be a CPCS Approved Company Approved Validator you need to:

  • be an employee of the company/organisation
  • have been approved for this purpose by a director/senior manager working for the same organisation
  • able to access company information, if needed, to confirm the work undertaken by the operator
  • assist CITB with quality assurance checks of CPCS logbooks
  • on achievement of the requirements you will need to complete the Application for a CPCS Approved Company Validator (F4/1) form (PDF, 767kb).

Once approved, a letter of confirmation will be issued and a record of the employer/organisation which the Company Validator is employed with recorded.

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