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CITB has sold the Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) to NOCN Group.

The content of the CPCS Web pages within the CITB website is no longer being up-dated and is to be removed by 01/08/19

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To become a CPCS tester you must have suitable and sufficient industry and operating knowledge and ability on the category of plant in all its acceptable uses and environments. 

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A CPCS Tester card confirms the holder has demonstrated suitable experience within the industry, has plant related health and safety knowledge, first aid knowledge, health and safety awareness, advanced underpinning knowledge and operating ability and role-based ability as a Tester.  

A Tester card consists of two designs:

Provisional card - role-based competence qualification has yet to be achieved and are valid for two years and are non-renewable.

Full card - role-based competence qualification has been achieved and are valid for five years and are renewable.

A CPCS Tester is required to assess an individual’s knowledge, understanding and performance against the CPCS Technical Test criteria.
A CPCS Tester must be up to date with the latest CPCS requirements such as the CPCS Training Syllabi, CPCS Approved Code of Delivery and CPCS Practical Test Specifications, first aid and health and safety matters.
A CPCS Tester is an individual who has suitable and sufficient industry and operating knowledge and ability on the category of plant in all its acceptable uses and environments, has met the CPCS Scheme requirements to become a CPCS Tester and has been issued with a CPCS Tester card.
A CPCS Tester must work within an Approved CPCS Test Centre to supervise, deliver and provide written feedback on:

  • CPCS Theory Tests in a classroom environment using verbal questioning techniques in a one-on-one situation with the operator
  • CPCS Practical Tests in a practical test environment
  • CPCS On-site Assessments in a live work environment or a suitable location that ensures the activities can be completed.

The CPCS Tester will only be able to operate as a Tester within the remit of the CPCS Test Centre(s) to which they are registered. The CPCS Tester may choose to operate through one or more CPCS Test Centres.

Further information on the Role of a Tester is available in the Scheme Booklet for Testers (PDF, 890KB).

Successful testing depends on the competence of the CPCS Tester. A competent CPCS Tester is defined as an individual who has the following minimum qualities:

  • Able to communicate effectively and confidently verbally and in writing to a range of persons and for reports
  • Able to recognise and show empathy for the operating and learning abilities of others, show patience, and adapt approach to accommodate all situations
  • Able to recognise poor practice against test criteria and provide appropriate feedback
  • Able to apply appropriate questioning techniques
  • Able to lead and maintain control at all times
  • Able to test effectively in both classroom and other working environments under varying conditions
  • Able to deliver testing whilst offering equal access and equal opportunities to all.

All delegates must have relevant experience on the category or categories of plant, are trained and assessed in order to successfully deliver learning to those lacking the relevant skills and knowledge and/or able to independently and impartially judge a learners skills, knowledge and understanding through an assessment process.  This is evidenced through completion of a Record of Category Experience (RoE)

Once the RoE has been approved, you need to:

  • hold a Managing & Co-ordinating Plant (MCP) 5 day certificate
  • hold a valid in date first aid certificate
  • pass the Managers and Professionals (MAP) CITB health, safety and environment test
  • achieve the CPCS Advanced theory test (within two years of the HS&E MAP test)
  • achieved the CPCS Advanced practical test (within six months of theory test and 2 years of the HS&E MAP test)
  • attend and pass the CPCS Tester Course*
  • achieve the relevant role-based competence qualification**.

* This course is delivered on behalf of CPCS by the National Construction College (NCC).  Further information on the course, its costs and availability can be found by clicking on this link:  CPCS Tester Course, alternatively you can call the booking line on 0344 994 4433.

** If Role-based competence has not been achieved at the time of application, a two year Provisional Tester card will be issued.

Both CPCS Advanced Theory and Practical Tests are delivered by an approved CPCS Test Centre, to find a CPCS Approved Technical Test Centre near you use this link: Find a CPCS TC.


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