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Candidate Rules Agreement

Please review the following rules for tests and examinations, and if you have any questions, please raise them with a Test Centre Administrator.

I have read the emergency notices displayed around the Test Centre. In the unlikely event of an emergency, where an evacuation of the premises is required, I will follow the directions of staff, in a calm and orderly manner.

I will not take the following types of personal items into the test room: mobile phones, hand-held computers/personal digital assistants (PDAs) or other electronic devices, pagers, watches, wallets, purses, hats (and other head coverings, excluding religious headwear), bags, coats, books and notes. Studying is not allowed in the Test Centre.

I will store these items in the individual secure locker provided by the Test Centre Administrator. Mobile phones, pagers, and other electronic devices must be turned off prior to placing them in the designated secure locker. The Test Centre is not responsible for lost, stolen or  misplaced personal items.

The Test Centre Administrator will log me into my assigned workstation, verify that I am taking the intended test/examination and start the test/examination. I will sit in my assigned seat until escorted out by a Test Centre Administrator. I understand that eating, drinking, smoking, chewing gum and making noise that creates a disturbance for other candidates are prohibited during the test.

The Test Centre Administrator will monitor me continuously while I take my test. The session  may be videotaped or otherwise recorded for security or other purposes.

There are no breaks during the test/examination. If for any reason I need to take an unscheduled break at any time during the test/examination, I understand that the test/exam timer will not stop whilst I take the unscheduled break. I will take my identification with me when I leave the room and this will be inspected before I re-enter the testing room. I understand that while taking an unscheduled break, I will not be permitted to leave the Test Centre or access my  stored personal belongings, with the exception of medication required at a certain time, with the approval of the Test Centre Administrator.

If I experience problems that affect my ability to take the test/examination, I will notify the Test Centre Administrator immediately, by remaining seated and raising my arm to gain assistance or use the Chat function for Online examination.

The Test Centre Administrator cannot answer questions related to test/examination content. If I have questions of this nature, I will contact CITB after I concluded my examination.

I will not try to remove copies of test or exam questions and answers from the Test Centre, and I  will not share or discuss the questions or answers seen in my test or examination with other candidates.

After the test/examination ends, the Test Centre Administrator will come to my workstation and ensure my test/examination has ended properly. After I have left the testing room, I will be provided with a printed score report from the Test Administrator.

Fair Processing Policy

CITB (The Construction Industry Training Board, registered charity number 264289) will use your personal data.

Your personal data is information which identifies and relates to you including your contact details and photographic image and includes information we obtain directly from you or from third parties, or as a result of our relationship with you in our capacity as a Sector Skills Council and Industrial Training Board and in providing goods and services to you.

Your achievement will be recorded in the Construction Training Register, an online record of achievements maintained by CITB for the benefit of the construction industry.

A significant advantage of the Construction Training Register is to:

  • allow you to demonstrate to an employer or contractor that you hold required qualifications/achievements/training for a particular role;
  • allow the training you have completed to more easily transfer between employers, leading to less time off-the-job repeating training you have already undertaken; and
  • speed up the process of starting work as employers can easily see the training you have
  • protect your data: to access the Construction Training Register a third party, such as a prospective employer, will need to have information that uniquely identifies you. This will restrict access to only those people with a legitimate reason to access your personal data.

Your test and examination results and ID photograph will be encrypted and transmitted to Pearson VUE and CITB, and may also be shared with competency card scheme providers if you apply for their products.

The Test Centre will keep information including when and where your test was taken, and identification evidence.

Your personal data will be held securely and treated confidentially and will not be disclosed to third parties other than as described above. We will not pass your personal data to third parties for marketing purposes without your consent.

Further information, including your legal rights and how your information may be used, can be found by:

  • viewing the Pearson VUE Privacy Notice online at pearsonvue.com/citb/privacy;
  • viewing the CITB Privacy Notice online at co.uk/privacy;
  • asking the Test Centre for information about how they manage your personal data.