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The Construction Dust Partnership (CDP) is an industry collaboration directly involving many organisations, including the HSE.

The CDP aim is to:

“To raise awareness within the construction industry about lung diseases related to hazardous workplace dust and to promote good practice to prevent these diseases, particularly for those undertaking high risk tasks”

The membership has collectively agreed to:

  • Target hazardous construction dusts, particularly those that give rise to the greatest risk of lung disease.
  • Improve the construction industry’s awareness of the risks of developing lung disease due to the inhalation of these dusts.
  • Identify those construction tasks that give rise to the greatest risk to workers developing such conditions.
  • Work together to agree and promote proportionate controls to minimise the risks from these high risk tasks.


Those involved believe that a partnership between the regulator and the industry can deliver more of an impact than that which could be achieved by working in isolation. It helps develop innovation, drive improvements and ensure consistency.

Agreed priorities can also be targeted and the most effective use made of resources.

This partnership is about more than the odd meeting or joint event. Instead it built upon a mutual agenda and close working relationships with those industry representatives who are keen to play a part.

For more information on these and other areas see our Q&A document on the Resources page

2014/15 Achievements

The CDP has produced a summary of its achievements for 2014/15 (PDF 270KB) 

CDP information and contacting us

These web pages have been developed by the Construction Dust Partnership (CDP) to help contractors, employers, operatives  and others manage the risk of exposure to dusts and raise awareness to this issue within the construction industry.

This guidance represents good practice which may go further than the minimum you need to do to comply with the law.

‘If you have any queries regarding the CDP and its activities please contact  Construction.Dust.Partnership.Enquiry@hse.gsi.gov.uk

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Our logo is an important part of the work of the Partnership. It promotes our aims and objectives. We are proud of it and therefore ask that you treat it with care. If you want to use it please follow these guidelines.

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