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Registration for construction employers 

Only complete this form if you believe your business is wholly or mainly engaged in construction industry activities, and you are an employer of PAYE and/or subcontractors.

Complete this form to register your business with CITB

*denotes mandatory field

Please note: This form should only be completed by someone employed by the business with authorisation to do so. It should not be completed by a third party.

Section 1 - Business name and contact details

Section 2 - Business details

Section 3 - Business activities

Section 4 - About your workforce

This should include your entire workforce. If you are a sole trader or partnership, please do not include the proprietor or business partners

Section 5 - Membership of employers associations or federations


I declare that:

  • • The information provided on this form is correct and complete; and
  • • I am the owner/partner of the business or employed by the business and have authorisation to complete this form.

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