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Current opportunities

This section will contain any opportunities that CITB is looking to commission.

On this page:

England Construction Opportunities 

CITB has a commercial need to support our join and retain strategic themes by developing the hub models born through Construction Skills Fund (CSF) 1 and 2 funded by Department of Education (DfE) with West Midlands Combined Authority Hubs funded by CITB, Skills Village Scarborough joint funded by CITB and Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and our own Onsite Experience Hubs in England and Wales. 

CITB requires 1-3 suppliers to further develop this model in England through a new commission, England Construction Opportunities (ECO), that support new entrants recently employed in Construction to achieve a sustained employment period of up to 12 months.

Many of these new entrants will enter employment through existing partnerships with providers, DWP, Local Enterprise Partnerships and Growth Funds, Mayoral Funds and other means of funding.  Research has shown that better support for individuals when starting employment will increase the retention for new entrants to the industry.   

This tender will be solely based on the individual support of new starts into the industry, individuals who have not been employed in construction for at least 2 years or career changers.  

The commission will require providers to have established, existing relationships with other agencies to cover any training and development required to enter a construction job.   This commission will support individuals recently recruited to ensure their employment is sustained. Interested parties would be required to demonstrate previous support to new entrants up to a minimum of 6 months in industry roles. 

The market engagement webinar held 13/04/2022 was well attended with questions asked and answered in the video linked below. The presentation is also available below.

Virtual Tasters

CITB are investing £30,000 in an innovative commission to provide virtual tasters in construction.
The successful supplier will need to provide a minimum of 15% match-funding.

CITB defines a taster as:

“short-duration insight into a construction working environment or particular career path(s), delivered physically or virtually.
Examples of tasters include but are not limited to:

  • A ‘day in the life’ of presentation, giving an in-depth account of a particular role
  • Site tours
  • Open Days
  • Work-shadowing”

The provider must ensure virtual tasters are of a standard and quality that positively promotes construction as an aspirational career path and are engaging and informative to support individuals to make good career choices.

Primarily the supplier will need to work in close collaboration with CITB’s commissioned Onsite Experience Hubs to ensure the virtual tasters are aligned to their needs, and the outputs from this commission can be successfully incorporated into the Onsite Experience programme.

The scope of this commission has purposely been kept relatively broad to enable innovation. Any specific requirements are detailed in the following sections, which a supplier will be expected to meet.

This commission will run for an initial 12-month period to develop and launch the virtual construction tasters with the expectation that the supplier will include monitoring for an additional 12 months (minimum) post launch within their tender. Furthermore, the supplier will need to provide evidence of sustainability to ensure the virtual tasters can be rolled-out to a wider audience within the construction industry. They will also need to ensure there is an appropriate mechanism in place to monitor their reach and an embedded exit survey to monitor outcomes.

Scotland Construction Opportunities

There will be a commission to establish a number of Onsite hubs in Scotland which is due to commence in 2022, further details will be published on this page when available.