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GIRI Training Commission - Vinci PLC

Training and Development

Productivity and new ways of working

Vinci PLC

GB Wide



Specialist, Infrastructure, Housing, Commercial

Productivity has been recognised as a strategic priority for CITB.  Research has shown that:

  • Error costs the UK construction industry between £10 and £25 billion per annum.  
  • Industry-wide culture change is needed to improve construction productivity.  
  • Historically, industry investment in non-technical skills is markedly low  

Employers require guidance, support and incentivisation to successfully address the identified skills gaps amongst supervisors and managers at all levels. 

This Contract is intended to increase training capacity in relation to the delivery of GIRI productivity training, designed to help organisations, projects teams and individuals to avoid error.  

Vinci Plc will embed GIRI training methodology to the appropriate staff and supply chain staff on the following 5 projects:

  1. Taylor Woodrow South West
  2. Bletchley Rail Depot
  3. Meridian Water Business
  4. National Grid
  5. Taylor Woodrow North

01 Jul 2023

30 Jun 2025