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Onsite Experience hubs - England

Between 2021 and 2025 we aim to increase England’s construction talent pool through Onsite Experience hubs, creating a talent pipeline to meet the needs of local construction employers and enabling construction career opportunities for people from local communities. 9 hubs have been approved for £8.4m of funding to enable over 7,400 people to become employment and site-ready, and at least 3,950 people to secure sustained employment within the next four years.

This commission targets Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) areas that have not benefited from the Government’s Construction Skills Fund.

What Onsite Experience hubs deliver for the construction industry 

Onsite Experience hubs are designed to provide a one-stop recruitment solution for construction employers. By linking together employers, training providers, local authorities, LEPs, community agencies and other partners, hubs enable the development of employment and site-ready people from local communities. These well-suited candidates can then be linked to employers’ vacancies, and because they have gained some initial experience on construction sites, often with the recruiting employer, and have the necessary introductory training and health & safety credentials, they can be productive immediately.

Contacting your local Onsite Experience hub 

Whether you are an employer seeking site-ready candidates to fill your vacancies, or an individual looking for a career in construction*, your local CITB Onsite Experience hub can provide you with support and advice.

*Please note, in order to be eligible for support through Onsite Experience Hubs you must be seeking construction employment within a hub’s catchment area. Please contact your local hub for more information.

The following Local Employment Partnership (LEP) areas in England have CITB Onsite Experience hub coverage:

Hub name - Procure Plus Framework - Cheshire

Location - Cheshire 

Hub lead organisation - Procure Plus

Contact - Wiktor Morrell 07393 792497, 0303 030 0030, wiktor.morrell@procure-plus.com

Website - www.procure-plus.com

Social Media - www.linkedin.com/company/procure-plus-ltd


Hub name - Procure Plus Framework - Lancashire 

Location - Lancashire

Hub lead organisation - Procure Plus

Contact - Bree Adshead 07875 588427, 0303 030 0030, bree.adshead@procure-plus.com 

Website - www.procure-plus.com

Social Media - www.linkedin.com/company/procure-plus-ltd

Hub name - Leicester Onsite Construction Hub

Location - Leicester

Hub lead organisation - Leicester City Council 

Contact - Richard Thorpe 07541 612726 Richard.thorpe@leicester.gov.uk


Hub name – The Skills Centre Onsite Experience Hub (London)

Location – London Economic Action Partnership (LEAP) area

Hub lead organisation – The Skills Centre Ltd

Contact – Maria Richards 0204 531 9020 maria.richards@theskillscentre.co.uk


Hub name – Kier Training Hub

Location – New Anglia LEP area (Norfolk and Suffolk)

Hub lead organisation – Kier Integrated Services Ltd

Contact – Alistair Gunn 07894 986500 Alistair.Gunn@kier.co.uk


Hub name - Constructing Lives Together 

Location - Weston Super Mare

Hub lead organisation - Willmott Dixon/ Weston College 

Contact - Michelle Jacobs 07966 322 649 michelle.jacobs@weston.ac.uk