The Positive Image Campaign

Promoting construction, attracting talent and changing perceptions

Our campaign activity focuses on promoting a positive image of the construction industry. By highlighting the variety of roles within the industry we help to ensure that construction is viewed as a progressive career route, open to everyone. 

This is essential if we are to attract talented people into industry, to help close the skills gap and meet the existing and future needs of construction.

The Positive Image campaign aims to engage with young people who are considering their career options, individuals thinking about a career change, plus parents and others who influence career choices. 

CITB also works hard to challenge the stereotypical image of construction through promoting a diverse workforce and reaching niche target audience groups through highly targeted media activity.

We use a multi-channel approach for this campaign to try and reach as many people as possible.


Social media plays a huge part in raising awareness of the breadth of career opportunities in construction. Our careers pages are the go-to place for information on construction careers.

Outdoor activity

We place posters in and around schools promoting careers in construction. Campaigns focus on regions expecting strong growth in construction employment through awareness activity including bus backs, radio and digital posters in cinemas.


We promote careers in construction through advertorials and adverts in youth focused publications, such as TargetJobs.


We organise and take part in many events throughout the year targeting young poeple, parents and careers advisors. Events include the Skills Shows, SkillBuild and careers fairs - engaging with over 13,000 young people every year.

Celebrating 50 years of CITB with a playback of the Positive Image campaign can be found here.

Construction News Insert

Download our 2014 Construction News insert highlighting the difference the Positive Image Campaign has made since it started

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