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New board for a new year

""As we head into 2015, there are reasons to think that the construction industry, and CITB, will have a good year.

There are signs that the return to growth is set to continue, with more companies doing well throughout the UK.

Here at CITB, we are delighted to have a new Board, with a range of talented individuals, which represents an exciting change at the top of the company.

I am confident the Board will help to take CITB forward and make us better able to support the industry’s needs now and in the future.

The Chairman of the Board remains James Wates, which is terrific news because it means that we can continue to benefit from James’s unrivalled industry knowledge.

He will be supported by five board members representing employers, and two independent members with  science and education expertise.

This slimmed-down board of eight includes members from England, Scotland and Wales, will be further backed by an Advisory Council to give us the support we need to make informed decisions for the good of the industry.

The Advisory Council is very much the voice of construction and they will play a fundamental role in ensuring we are responding effectively to the employer’s needs, and support the executive in the modernisation we are embarking on.

We will continue to monitor the make-up of the council so that they represent the industry as it grows and develops.

Understandably, the fact that women make up the majority of the Board will attract much of the attention. 

For too long, construction has had a reputation as an industry dominated by men. We are determined to change that. A diverse group at the top of this organisation is an essential element in enabling the organisation and the industry to flourish.

As Andy Mitchell, Chief Executive of Thames Tideway Tunnel, said in a fascinating article for the Guardian, a diverse workforce is a more productive one. I fully endorse that view.

The five women on our Board should send a clear signal to ambitious women that they can have fulfilling and very successful careers in the sector.

These are exciting times for the industry and CITB. I look forward to working with all of the members of the new Board,  Advisory Council, and CITB colleagues as we work to modernise the organisation and enable the industry to meet the challenges and reap the rewards of the improved economic climate.

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