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CITB kicks off next stage of Consensus

""CITB has this week launched the next stage of the Consensus process.

CITB undertakes Consensus every three years to gauge industry support for the proposed Levy Order. In this case it’s for the proposals which would come into effect in 2018.

The training body has completed its biggest consultation ever, hosting 38 employer events, attending 79 others, meeting over 2,000 companies face to face and speaking to many others by phone. Now, the official Consensus process has begun and will run to the end of September.

It’s important CITB hears views from right across the industry, so now is the opportunity for employers to get their voices heard either through an independent survey or through their Consensus Federation.

The CITB survey is run by independent research firm IFF Research and has been expanded to interview 6,000 non-federated Levy Payers to ask their views on CITB’s offer to industry, including the Levy proposals.

This is more than three times the size of previous Consensus surveys, so many more companies will be contacted for their views on a short phone call. All responses are anonymised and the sample is carefully balanced to represent employers of different sizes and locations.

For firms who are members of a Consensus Federation, clear plans have been set out by each federation on how they will engage their members. After consulting, each organisation will write to CITB to indicate if their membership supports the Levy proposal on offer.

This two-part process will ensure CITB gets the views of employers who are registered for its Levy and are likely to be paying it.

In weighting the responses from the Consensus Federations, CITB will use the 2016/2017 Levy Assessment, which offers the most accurate record of which firms are registered to pay the Levy, and the Consensus Federation of which they are a member.

CITB’s website has full details of the Levy Proposal and the Consensus process.





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