B: Health and welfare

B09: Health and welfare

B09 For further information on dermatitis visit the HSE website.

B09 The HSE publication Keep your top on: Health risks from working in the sun (INDG147) provides more advice for outdoor workers.

B09 Many other sources of help are available. For further information refer to organisations such as Mind, Time to Change and Bipolar UK.
+ Mind
+ Time to Change
+ Bipolar UK

B09 Training is available in how to help a person who may be developing a problem, experiencing a worsening mental health problem or in a mental health crisis. For further information visit the Mental Health First Aid UK website.

B09 For further information on alcohol visit the Drinkaware website.


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B10: First aid and emergency procedures

B10 For further information on L74 visit the HSE website.


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B12: Hazardous substances

B12 The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) publishes a guidance note Workplace exposure limits (EH40), which lists the range of substances where limits to exposure have been set and their exposure limits. 

B12 For further information on labelling and packaging visit the HSE website.

B12 The HSE's COSHH Essentials web pages provide basic advice on what to do to control exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace. They provide straightforward advice via industry-specific direct advice sheets and generic control guidance sheets.

B12 Find out more about how to protect yourself from lead by downloading the free HSE leaflet Old lead paint (Busy Builder series) (248KB, PDF).

B12 For further information on medical surveillance for lead visit the HSE website.


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B13: Asbestos

B13 Under guidance outlined in the HSE publication Asbestos: the survey guide (HSG264), there are two types of survey. 

B13 The HSE publication A short guide to managing asbestos in premises (INDG223), explains this duty to manage. 

B13 For further information on Asbestos essentials and non-licensed work with asbestos visit the HSE website.

B13 The HSE has developed a web app aimed at helping to protect you and your workers from asbestos exposure.


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B15: Noise and vibration

B15 For further information on the noise exposure calculator and ready reckoners visit the HSE website.

B15 For further information on the Buy quiet initiative visit the HSE website.

B15 For further information on the hand-arm vibration calculator visit the HSE website.


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B16: Manual handling

B16 The HSE has developed online tools to assist employers to carry out manual handling assessments. 
Variable manual handling assessment chart (V-MAC) tool
Risk assessment of pulling and pushing tool (RAPP)
Manual handling assessment chart (MAC)
Assessment of repetitive tasks (ART). 

B16 For further information refer to the HSE Busy Builder series leaflets: Preventing injury from handling heavy blocks and Preventing injury during plasterboard handling:
+ Preventing injury from handling heavy blocks 

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For further information on the hand-arm vibration calculator visit the HSE website.

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