C: General safety

C17: Site organisation

C17 For further information on what to do when setting up and managing a site refer to the CDM industry guidance documents for contractors and principal contractors.

C17 The following information is available on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website:
A video in which children warn about the dangers of playing on construction sites.
The HSE guidance document Protecting the public: your next move (HSG151). 
Free to download information leaflets:
+ Protecting the public (276KB, PDF)
+ Keeping your site tidy (268.7KB, PDF)
+ Running a small construction site (281.8KB, PDF).

C17 A Building site safety for children poster, which can be used to help educate children about hazards on construction sites.



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C18: Fire prevention and control

C18 For further information refer to the HSE guidance Fire safety in construction (HSG168). 

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C19: Electrical safety

C19 For further information refer to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) publication Maintaining portable electrical equipment (HSG107). 

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C20: Temporary works

C20 The Temporary Works Forum (TWf) consists of several construction organisations and provides guidance and information about temporary works. It has produced a number of publications on a range of related issues, including legislation, design and erection.  For further information visit the TWf website.


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C21: Work Equiptment and hand-held tools

C21: For more detailed information about drones and UAVs visit the Civil Aviation Authority website.

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C22: Mobile work equipment

C22 For further information refer to the following Health and Safety Executive (HSE) documents:
+ The safe use of vehicles on construction sites (HSG144) 
+ Protecting the public: your next move (HSG151)

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C23: Lifting operations

C23 Publications are available as free downloads from the CPA website.

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C24: Lifting equipment

C24 For more information refer to the HSE document Rider-operated lift trucks: operator training and safe use. Approved Code of Practice and guidance (L117).

C24 Also refer to the Strategic Forum for Construction Plant Safety Group's good practice guidance Lifting and travelling with suspended loads using telehandlers and the Safe use of telehandlers in construction.

C24 For further information download the CPA guidance Lifting operations in construction when using excavators.

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