Creating the Right Training Strategy

Together we can create a provider network to deliver the skills needed in construction.

Through collaboration with the education sector we are creating a never before achieved evidence base of skills supply and demand to best meet current and future needs.

Provider Strategy

CITB has successfully led on understanding industry skills demand through the Construction Skills Network (CSN) research – however the demand for skills has never been mapped across to the skills delivered through the training provider network. The Right Training Strategy is being developed to address this.

 By delivering the Right Training Strategy, CITB will enable:

  • An evidenced skills gap
  • Government funding and CITB grants aligned to skills gap
  • Clarity of what is required from providers
  • A modern construction curriculum with progressive, structured qualifications and pathways
  • Better engagement between employers and providers
  • A higher quality skilled workforce for the future.


To meet the growing skills demands from industry in the coming years, CITB will engage more strategically and broadly with the education sector, at all levels and in all nations, across construction and the wider built environment. 

The end result we seek is a collaborative and coherent action plan developed and agreed with the provider network to deliver the skills needed by construction.

From this collaborative work providers can expect as outcomes the evidence base, aligned funding, clarity of direction and supporting framework to best meet the construction industry’s skills needs. 

For industry this will provide the basis for closer, more meaningful engagement between Employers and Providers, and ultimately result in a higher quality skilled workforce to meet current demands and future needs. 


An initial 18-month programme of work is underway, with the first phase focused on mapping current skills supply against demand and analysing the gaps in provision. 

A first cut of this supply side evidence base is due by the end of September 2015, from which a headline Right Training Strategy will be produced by year end. 

In tandem CITB is reviewing current progression routes and provision maps nationally, and CITB’s Standards & Qualifications team are developing the curriculum and frameworks to assure the consistency and quality of provision.

To validate the emerging evidence base and guide the developing strategy CITB is engaging with representatives from across industry, schools, further and higher education in all three nations - as well as working collaboratively with wider built environment bodies - to deliver a joined-up education strategy for construction and the built environment.


As we head into next year the strategic direction set will in turn inform CITB’s investment strategy, aligning CITB grants and influencing Government funding in support of the Right Training Strategy. 

By September 2016 CITB aims to be working with the wider provider network nationally to implement the Right Training Strategy, delivering training aligned with evidenced-based skills needs, supported by targeted funding.

Stakeholder engagement and support for the Right Training Strategy is vital. While CITB will take the lead on bringing together and moving forward this programme of work the endorsement of research findings, feedback on strategic options and direction on the strategy’s implementation will involve regular dialogue with stakeholders across education, industry and Government over the next 12 months.  

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