Training Standards for consultation

We are consulting with industry on a second batch of Training Standards. This batch has 83 Standards, including generic short duration course standards (which can apply to multiple sectors) and sector specific course standards (aimed at specific trades and skills).

You can give us feedback using one of these three forms.

  1. Generic short duration and Health, safety and environment Standards.
  2. Sector specific Standards from A - I.
  3. Sector specific Standards L-W.

The forms are linked  to the relevant heading below.

Please check the Standards below for any relevant to you. 

This consultation period closes 31 January 2018.

Feedback form on Generic standards including Health, safety and environment

Sector Specific – Access and rigging

Sector Specific – Civil engineering

Sector Specific – Concrete

Sector Specific – Construction Related Occupations

Sector Specific - Gas distribution

Sector Specific – Ground preparation

Sector Specific - Heritage

Sector Specific – Insulation and building treatments

Sector Specific – Interior systems

Feedback form on sector specific standards A - I

Sector Specific – Lightning conductor engineering

Sector Specific – Painting and decorating

Sector Specific – Plant 

Sector Specific – Rail

Sector Specific – Roofing

Sector specific - Underpinning

Sector specific - Wood occupations

Feedback form for sector specific standards L - W
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