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Checklists and forms

Checklists and forms to accompany the GE700 publication are listed in the categories below, as well as forms for GE707. These documents are free to download.

Please note that these files may not be compatible with assistive devices.

This contains:

  • GA01: Health and safety policy (PDF, 52KB)
  • GA02: Health, safety and environment risk assessment (PDF, 204KB)
  • GA03: Risk assessment (PDF, 91KB)
  • GA04: Return to work risk assessment (PDF, 81KB)
  • GA05: Expectant mothers risk assessment (PDF, 70KB)
  • GA06: Young person's risk assessment (PDF, 68KB)
  • GA07: Post-completion defect work risk assessment (PDF, 121KB)
  • GA08: Method statement (PDF, 243KB)
  • GA09: Method statement review (PDF, 572KB)
  • GA10: Risk assessment and method statement review (PDF, 127KB)
  • GA11: Briefing sheet (PDF, 70KB)
  • GA12: Induction training checklist (PDF, 168KB)
  • GA13: Site induction register (PDF, 77KB)
  • GA14: Human factors checklist (PDF, 35KB)
  • GA15: Health, safety and environment inspection report (PDF, 84KB)
  • GA16: Near miss or learning event report (Part 1) (PDF, 269KB)
  • GA16: Near miss or learning event report (Part 2) (PDF, 113KB)
  • GA17: Weekly project SHE inspection (PDF, 149KB)
  • GA18: Accident/ incident report (PDF, 190KB)
  • GA19: Accident report (PDF, 78KB)
  • GA20: Accident/ incident investigation report (Part 1) (PDF, 97KB)
  • GA20: Accident/ incident investigation report (Part 2) (PDF, 89KB)
  • GA21: Witness statement (PDF, 42KB)
  • GA22: Enforcement authority visit report (PDF, 44KB)
  • GA23: Pre-construction information (PDF, 76KB)
  • GA24: Construction phase plan (PDF, 86KB)
  • GA25: Health and safety file (PDF, 72KB)

This contains:

  • GB01: Skin protection checklist (PDF, 94kb)
  • GB02: Lead hazards checklist (PDF, 55kb)
  • GB03: Lead-containing paint risk assessment (PDF, 150kb)
  • GB04: Lead health surveillance record (PDF, 49kb)
  • GB05: Initial hand-arm vibration screening questionnaire (PDF, 75kb)
  • GB06: Hand-arm vibration syndrome assessment (PDF, 74kb)
  • GB07: Annual hand-arm vibration questionnaire (PDF, 68kb)
  • GB08: Whole-body vibration health monitoring questionnaire (PDF, 62kb)
  • GB09: COSHH management action plan checklist (PDF, 64kb)
  • GB10: COSHH assessment (PDF, 53kb)
  • GB11: Manual handling checklist (PDF, 56kb)
  • GB12: Manual handling assessment (PDF, 170kb)
  • GB13: Health surveillance record (PDF, 46kb)
  • GB14: Stress-related absence, return to work questionnaire (PDF, 76kb)
  • GB15: Personal protective equipment register (PDF, 63kb)

These forms should be read and used in conjunction with guidance contained within GE700 Section C.

This contains:

  • GC01: Site organisation checklist (PDF, 91kb)
  • GC02: Fire safety checklist (PDF, 66kb)
  • GC03: Fire risk assessment (PDF, 70kb)
  • GC04: Fire safety action plan (PDF, 43kb)
  • GC05: Fire evacuation and escape checklist (PDF, 115kb)
  • GC06: Managing hot work checklist (PDF, 104kb)
  • GC07: Hot-work permit (PDF, 92kb)
  • GC08: Electrical safety - Safe isolation checklist (PDF, 98kb)
  • GC09: Electrical safety - permit to work (PDF, 56kb)
  • GC10: PUWER inspection report (PDF, 42kb)
  • GC11: Mobile plant - Periodic inspection and checks (PDF, 53kb)
  • GC12: Construction plant handover and inspection report (PDF, 65kb)
  • GC13: MEWP handover and inspection report (PDF, 63kb)
  • GC14: Lift plan (PDF, 83kb)
  • GC15: Lift schedule (PDF, 50kb)
  • GC16: Site crane permit to lift (Part 1) (PDF, 79kb)
  • GC16: Site crane permit to lift (Part 2) (PDF, 49kb)
  • GC17: LOLER inspection report (PDF, 54kb)
  • GC18: Lifting equipment and accessories examiniation report register (PDF, 62kb)
  • GC19: Point of work risk assessment (PDF, 74kb)
  • GC20: Mobile workforce checklist (PDF, 125kb)
  • GC21: Steelwork erection checklist (PDF, 56kb)

These forms should be read and used in conjunction with guidance contained within GE700 Section D.

This contains:

  • GD01: Common access equipment checklist (PDF, 92kb)
  • GD02: Scaffold planning and work at height activities checklist (PDF, 205kb)
  • GD03: Inspection checklist (PDF, 63kb)
  • GD04: Handover certificate (PDF, 64kb)
  • GD05: Scaffold inspection report (PDF, 40kb)
  • GD06: Boatswain’s chair checklist (PDF, 58kb)
  • GD07: Access cradles checklist (PDF, 78kb)
  • GD08: Safety belts, harnesses and lanyards suitability checklist (PDF, 128kb)
  • GD09: Safety belts, harnesses and lanyards pre-use inspection checklist (PDF, 56kb)
  • GD10: Safety nets checklist (PDF, 126kb)
  • GD11: Excavations checklist (PDF, 149kb)
  • GD12: Permit to dig (PDF, 72kb)
  • GD13: Excavation inspection report (PDF, 45kb)
  • GD14: Work on high voltage equipment permit (PDF, 53kb)
  • GD15: Underground and overhead services checklist (PDF, 110kb)
  • GD16: Work in a confined space without entry of persons checklist (PDF, 44kb)
  • GD17: Entry into a confined space without breating apparatus checklist (PDF, 54kb)
  • GD18: Entry into a confined space with breathing apparatus checklist (PDF, 51kb)
  • GD19: Confined space permit (PDF, 71kb)
  • GD20: Confined space entry RAMS checklist (PDF, 67kb)
  • GD21: Entry/access (limitation of access) permit (PDF, 83kb)
  • GD22: Dangerous substances safety questionnaire (PDF, 102kb)
  • GD23: LPG safety questionnaire (PDF, 75kb)

These forms should be read and used in conjunction with guidance contained within GE700 Section E.

This contains:

  • GE01: Resource efficiency and responsible sourcing checklist (PDF, 57kb)
  • GE02: Waste management, storage and disposal checklist (PDF, 60kb)
  • GE03: Energy checklist (PDF, 68kb)
  • GE04: Transport checklist (PDF, 54kb)
  • GE05: Water management and pollution prevention checklist (PDF, 60kb)
  • GE06: Statutory nuisance checklist (PDF, 62kb)
  • GE07: Ecology checklist (PDF, 51kb)
  • GE08: Contaminated land checklist (PDF, 58kb)
  • GE09: Archaeology and heritage checklist (PDF, 54kb)
  • GE10: Site environmental management systems checklist (PDF, 60kb)
  • GE11: Environmental objectives planner (PDF, 81kb)

These forms should be read and used in conjunction with guidance contained within GE700 Section F.

This contains:

  • GF01: Working on the highway competency checklist (PDF, 74kb)
  • GF02: Working over or near to water (PDF, 79kb)