SSP 360°

SSP 360° is a range of interactive, modern and relative 360° construction based scenarios to be used in the delivery of the Site Safety Plus suite of courses.

There are six scenarios that relate to popular topics within the courses. These are free to download and use as you want.

How to get SSP 360°

There are a total of 8 sections in SSP 360°: a tutor's brief, a demo, and 6 scenarios.

We recommend that you download the tutor's brief (PDF, 285kb) which gives you everything you need to know about using the scenarios:

The Site Safety Plus team would really appreciate any comments or feedback.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Bowmer & Kirkland, Sainsburys PLC, Operatives of the Bicester Sainsburys development and The National Construction College for all their help and assistance in making these scenarios.

If you are experiencing any issues with these scenarios please contact us.