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Training Pathways

If you would like to join a working group or want to know more please contact the Standards Team on standards.qualifications@citb.co.uk.

How do Training Pathways (TP) benefit the construction industry?

The TP will sit as part of an occupational profile that shows the current ways to gain training or competence qualifications. It will also help to identify new training provision or where there are gaps in training. Identifying gaps will then promote discussion about new opportunities and what action industry and CITB can take to fill the gaps.

Joining a TP working group will allow you to provide a comprehensive understanding of the training and development pathways that are available within a particular area of construction.

What are Training Pathways?

The Training Pathways document set out how people enter, progress and develop in an occupational area of construction, covering training, qualifications, CPD etc. A review of the TP may identify gaps in training and qualifications, updates needed to existing provision and could be addressed by using CITB grant aided training standards or other recognised training, or by developing new or updating the existing standards. The TP can either be reviewed in parallel to a NOS review or as a separate piece of work prior to a review, or as a standalone piece of work.

Training Pathways - Working Groups (NWGs) typical timescales are (as a separate piece of work):

  • approximately once a month via Microsoft Teams
  • meetings can be from one to three hours (depending on complexity of the occupational area)
  • some surveys, pre-reading or reviewing of documents after meetings may also be required to prepare for the next meeting
  • On average, Training Pathways reviews run from one to two months

Digital Offline consultation (through email or survey) is offered for people who are time limited but want to be part of the consultation and have their say. If WG members wish to meet face-to-face this can also be accommodated.

What do the Standards Team do?

The Standards Team supports all development and review work by carrying out the following:

  • occupational reviews
  • initial research
  • arranging meetings
  • facilitating meetings
  • collating meeting notes and actions
  • producing documents for working group members to review
  • collate feedback
  • working closely with industry experts and stakeholders to ensure the content of standards meets the needs of the construction industry
  • publish the Training Pathways document on an occupation specific CITB web page

The dedication and passion of working group members enables CITB to complete the Training Pathways work which supports the construction industry to have a skilled, competent and inclusive workforce now and in the future.

If you would like to join a working group or want to know more please contact the Standards Team on standards.qualifications@citb.co.uk.