What Construction Skills Fund has achieved so far - case studies

The Building Block CSF Training Hub, Sheffield 

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Hear Davey's story

Having worked as a mechanic previously, 23 year-old Davey was looking to change his career. He had an interest in construction because his brother worked in the industry, but had never really acted upon it. He started to search for opportunities and was referred to The Building Block in Sheffield to receive some general construction training. Davey really enjoyed the teamwork aspect of the course and liked how friendly, professional and knowledgeable his trainers were.

Now he has successfully completed his training, we has worked in several different construction roles and has high hopes for the future in the industry.

Listen to Davey’s story in full and how the CSF training he received helped him find a rewarding new career path.

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Hear Vill's story

Vill is a course facilitator at The Building Block, which is supported by Sheffield City Council. Vill runs and manages the CSCS training aspect of the course, as well as Health and Safety training.

Listen to what Vill has to say about what makes the Constructions Skills Fund training programme unique in terms of training and employability in England, and how he relishes the opportunity to retrain people for a career in construction.