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Performance reporting


Published every quarter, CITB's performance reports aim to provide an overview of where the industry’s Levy is invested and what impact it has had, allowing you to track our progress against our business plan. Whilst the main purpose is to keep you informed, we also hope that this will help you, help us, when you feedback how and where you think the industry’s Levy should be invested.

Quarter 2: April to September 2023

This performance report tracks our progress against targets set out in our business plan, and how we’re supporting the construction industry to have a skilled, competent and inclusive workforce, now and in the future.

Our role is to:

  • Inform and enable the right people into construction​
  • ​Develop a training & skills system to meet current and future needs​
  • Support the industry to train and develop its workforce

Read the full report:

Some highlights from this quarter are:

Aim: 5% increase in CITB training support accessed by employers

Progress: above target at 11%

We are tracking considerably above target, with almost 21,000 employers accessing our wide range of training support.

This is largely being driven by sizable increases in applications for our grants and funding: employers have benefited from £11m in short duration grants, £9m in qualification grants, £27m in apprenticeship grants, and £5m from the Skills and Training Fund.

The employer network, which simplifies access to training specific to a certain sector or local area, continues to perform well, supporting 440 employers.

Aim: 7% increase in individuals supported into employment from further education

Progress: above target at 19%

We’ve invested over £27m to support 20,050 learners through our apprenticeship grants, a 17% increase on last year. This money is helping over 6,500 SMEs train the next generation, almost a quarter of which are claiming apprenticeship grants for the first time. Overall, there’s been a 25% increase in employers claiming these grants.

The New Entrant Support Team (NEST) directly supported over 1,100 employers, helping them navigate the apprenticeship recruitment process and access the grants and funding they’re entitled to. Over 800 apprentices have now started their programmes thanks to successful referrals by the team.

Aim: 15% increase in people in sustained employment for three months through on-site hubs

Progress: above target at 41%

Since the project’s inception, Onsite Experience hubs in England and Wales have trained over 3,300 people to become site-ready, almost 2,400 of which successfully started their careers in the construction industry.

As the booming initiative continues, we are determined to go further, with trainees progressing to long-term, sustained employment so the industry can benefit from their skills for years to come. We are delighted with the response so far, with a huge 41% increase in learners achieving exactly this.