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Frequently Asked Questions

We have received a number of requests from construction centres to be able to see what staff members are registered for at their centre on Awards Online. We have carried out research and have developed this request for you, alongside some added extras.

 1.    What can I do with our improved Awards Online system?

  • View all staff members registered to your centre and the job roles they are registered for.
  • View all qualifications that your assessors and trainers are registered for.
  • Remove staff who are no longer working at your centre so you have control of your staff records.
  • Add new staff and update existing staff member approval, avoiding any delay. If you have a new staff member start they will be able to work as soon as you have registered them on the system. If you use the online option there is no need to complete a registration form and the system will retain any information which has previously been submitted, avoiding the need for duplication, saving you valuable time.
  • Search your staff records using a range of parameters, with the click of a few buttons you will be able to see how many staff members you have registered for a specific qualification.
  • Print off reports detailing what each staff member is registered for, for your centre file. You can view an example of the Staff Member Report (46KB, PDF).

 2.    How can I get access to this area of the system?

  • Your centre superuser can provide you with access to the newly created Centre QA role which will allow you access to this new area of the system, located under Administration – Centre QA Staff. If you already have access to Awards Online this user role can be added to your existing access to avoid the need to have an additional username and password.

 3.    How do I use the system and what support is available for people who aren’t used to Awards Online?

  • Our Awards Online user guide will be updated to show step by step instructions on how to use this new area of the system. This document is available in the bottom right hand corner of the Awards Online system, everything you need to know is held within the Centre QA Staff section.
  • Your customer co-ordinator is always at hand to offer assistance if you are unable to find your answer in the user guide.

4.    Do I have to use the system?

  • If the online form submission is not for you, you can still send in the paper based forms as you are used to and we will continue to process these for you as we always have.

5.    Are there any significant changes to the process?

  • The online form has been put together based on the paper form, so all areas you need to complete will remain the same and they are still in the same order.
  • If you use Awards Online there is no need to complete a separate paper based form.
  • The biggest change to the process is the letter that is produced following a successful registration. As you have full access to view and print off staff registration details, a new letter will be produced which will support you in the case of any staff malpractice. This letter needs to be signed by the registered staff member each time a new registration or amendment to registration has taken place, to show that they have been made aware of their roles and responsibilities within that job role or qualification. A copy of this letter will need to be filed within the staff CPD file for review by your external quality advisor during monitoring visits. You can view an example of the Centre Staff Letter (55KB, PDF) so that you can see how it looks.

6.    Will I need to re-register our existing staff on the new area of the system?

  • All data that we hold for existing staff members has been cleansed and will be as up to date as we have been advised by you, it may be worthwhile when you initially get access to this area to have a look over the data to ensure that is does match your records.

7.    Will I need to register staff for qualification updates when a qualification code changes?

  • If a qualification change wouldn’t require any additional occupational expertise from your staff, your centre and staff members approval will be updated with this new qualification. If a qualification change is so significant that additional skills would be required you will need to apply for both centre and staff approval for this. If it is a requirement to apply for the qualification this will be communicated to you.

8.    Is there anything else I need to be aware of?

  • If you are registering a trainer or assessor for a qualification that has two versions, one still open for certification and one live for registration and certification, you will need to select both options when registering.
  • The new style letter will be made available when you add a new staff member or update an existing staff member.
  • As part of our quality assurance process there will be random sampling of applications, if you get a message pop up to say that an application is being sampled don’t worry, our quality assurance team will make their spot checks and get back to you if required, prior to allowing the application to go through. If there are no concerns this will be submitted by the quality assurance team for you.