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Moving from QCF to RQF

Ofqual, the qualifications regulator, has replaced the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) with a new single and simple to use framework called the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).  By setting consistent measures of size (how long, typically, a qualification takes to study and be assessed for) and level of difficulty, this will help people to understand how qualifications relate to each other.  As an Awarding organisation, our qualifications will no longer be subject to the QCF rules.


Why change to RQF?

The RQF will be a single framework that is more descriptive and less prescriptive than QCF.  Awarding Organisations will be taking full responsibility for their own qualifications which will ensure all qualifications are high quality so your learners will get a much better product.


What is new within the RQF?

  1. All new qualifications will be regulated through the RQF.
  2. Guided Learning Hours (GLH) will now be a component of Total Qualification Time (TQT). TQT includes GLH, assessment and self-directed study time.
  3. All references to ‘QCF’ will be removed from qualification titles, marketing materials and websites.


Will all existing qualifications change?

No, qualification content, delivery methods and assessment will remain as they are. Ofqual have however requested that Awarding Organisations must remove references to ‘QCF’ from our website, qualification titles and documentation from our portfolio of qualifications. This will be phased in over the next two years.


When will the changes take place?

Removal of the term ‘QCF’ from all qualifications, certificates and literature by December 2017.

After the QCF; a new qualifications framework decisions on conditions and guidance for the RQF


What will I need to do?

Good news! You do not need to do anything different to what you are doing now.   All the changes are being undertaken by Cskills Awards and will be phased in by December 2017.  We will keep you up to date with any changes to our qualifications via our e-news and the news section on the website.

Good to know:

  1. Removal of 'QCF' from the qualification title, marketing literature including Qualification Specifications and Supporting Materials and Cskills Awards website.
  2. Addition of TQT information to Awards Online and Qualification Specifications. 
  3. You will see some slight changes to qualifications but this will not affect the outcome for the learners.