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Before you find a provider of training in your area, first you need to decide which qualification you would like to study. You can use the find a qualification search which will provide you with in-depth details about each qualification.

Once you have decided which qualification you would like to study, you can use the training provider search below to find a college or training provider at a convenient location.

If you are an experienced worker, the Experienced Worker Practical Assessment (EWPA) route might suit you best. Find out more about EWPA and the qualifications available.

If you are unsure about what qualification to choose or if you need help finding a provider you can contact us where one of our dedicated customer co-ordinators will be happy to help.


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Search tips

  • It may help your search to use general terms (e.g. painting or decorating) rather than job titles (e.g. painter).
  • Some of our qualifications may be under an alternative name (e.g. some scaffolding courses may be under Access and Rigging).