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What training can I do?

Interested in joining the construction industry, but you don’t know what to do? How about having a go with our 360° video below?

You will be able to identify a rage of careers that are available in the construction industry from entry level through to managerial roles. You have 8 individuals in the scenario all of whom represent a different role; to find out more simply choose a worker. This interactive environment is available for use on your phone, tablet and PC/MAC.


To enter please click on the image below

We offer a range of information about construction qualifications; these can be accessed through the Qualification Search and on the Advance to a Higher Level Qualification page.

Read everything but still do not know what to do? You can contact us and we will be sure to answer any further questions that you may have.

The learner journey is free to use. Please feel free to use and promote this tool at your events for learners, parents and anyone interested in roles for the construction industry.

Do you work in a prison? Contact your dedicated customer co-ordinator for a disc version to access in your centres (please note this facility is for prisons only, all other access should be online).