CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme)

IMPORTANT: CRO cards have changed from 1 October 2015

From 1 October new measures have been introduced which will pave the way for the eventual withdrawal of the CRO card. 

Watch the video or scroll down to read a quick guide.

Quick guide - for individuals and employers wanting to apply for a CSCS card:

Individuals - how to apply for your own card

  1. Use to find out which card you need
  2. Make sure you have passed the CITB Health, safety and environment test in the last 2 years (exemptions can be found at
  3. Call 0344 994 4777 and pay £30 using your debit or credit card

Employers - how to apply for a card for your workforce

  1. Complete the application form at
  2. Unless you have CITB account where you will be invoiced, a member of or team will contact you over the phone to take a card payment

Visit the following website pages for more information:

Note: You can apply for a card directly or through your employer, however there are organisations who offer application services.

If you are being charged more than £30 for a card or £19.50 for a Health, safety and environment test, check that you understand what additional services you will receive from these organisations.

More useful links and videos:

Report someone you suspect of using a fraudulent card

What should I do if I suspect somebody is using a fraudulent card?

  1. Retain the card if possible
  2. Make photocopies of front and back
  3. Record cardholder’s name and address
  4. Ask the cardholder where the card was obtained from
  5. Call the local police and report the matter
  6. Refuse access to site (subject to company rules)
  7. Forward copies of all evidence to Operations Team at CSCS Ltd, The Building Centre, 26 Store Street, LONDON, WC1E 7BT, marked  “SUSPECTED FRAUDULENT CARD” with details of the crime number given by local police. 
  8. You can also email .

  CSCS will fully support any prosecution with technical and factual evidence.

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