HS&E test development frequently asked questions

To continue to achieve its intended purpose of setting standards to help support the prevention of construction-related accidents and reflect the changes in industry – job roles, tasks and situations. 

So far we have changed the way some of the questions are presented. These new styles were first introduced in January 2018 with further styles being added from 1 June 2018.

As we move into Phase 3 of the project we will be looking further into the structure and content of the operatives test and therefore, may be looking to change other areas of the test.

We will ensure that the webpage is updated with any changes.

8 January 2018 – Some new question styles will be introduced, such as ‘Drag and Drop’ and ‘Hot Spots’.  Therefore, some questions will look different to the existing multiple-choice style, but the question content will not change.

3 April 2018 –2018 editions of the revision materials will be released. This is our usual release date.

1 June 2018 – Some new questions and further new question styles will be introduced into the test.  The revision materials released in April 2018, will allow candidates to prepare for their test.

June 2019 – A review of the test topic areas will be carried out to check the questions remain relevant.  Plus, the test structure will be reviewed with the introduction of further new questions and new question styles. Revision materials will be updated.   Further communications will be released as development plans advance.

On 8 January 2018 we introduced two new questions styles:

  • multiple choice with images
  • drag and drop text

On 1 June 2018 we introduced a further three questions styles:

  • drag and drop image
  • hot spot
  • hot area

From June 2019 we may look to add two more questions styles but only if they suit questions being developed in the test. These are:

  • drag and drop ordering
  • drag and drop paragraph text

You can see and try examples of all of these question styles on our website.

No. Even with the further addition of three new question styles from 1 June 2018 you will still only see a small number of questions presented in the new styles. 

A tutorial will be provided at the beginning of your HS&E test which explains how to answer each new style of question.

You can also try the new question styles from 1 November 2017, using the digital revision materials (App,DVD and downloads), or sample questions on our website.

Yes. All of the additional support offered for our tests will be still be available.

No. You will book your test in the same way as you do now. See How to book a test.

Yes. For further changes being introduced from 1 June 2018 the test will remain a 45 minute, 50 question test.

The time allowed for the test and the number of questions within a test is being reviewed within Phase 3 of this project.

Yes. The operatives, specialists, and managers and professionals tests will all be updated to include thenew question styles.

If there is anything else you are unsure of please email your questions to hsetestdev@citb.co.uk

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