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Discover how young people can bring an injection of enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn.

A work experience placement can last for up to six weeks (duration depends on nation), giving the applicant time to pick up some skills and you the chance to see what they are made of.

Employers who take part in our Experience Construction Programme will receive:

  • a good source of available candidates
  • personal support from a CITB Apprenticeship Officer

Eligible employers will also receive a payment of up to £200 to support costs incurred for providing the work experience placement (i.e. for PPE etc.).

It is up to you if you want to offer an Apprenticeship once the two week placement has been completed. Simply contact CITB to register your interest in offering a placement.

Costs and paperwork

There is no cost to you, though some companies do give the applicant a small amount to cover travel costs but this is entirely optional. CITB staff will complete the majority of the paperwork, and on completion of the evaluation at the end of the placement the £200 will be processed for payment automatically.

The work experience candidate, although unpaid, will be covered by your organisation’s Employer’s Liability Insurance like any member of staff.

Working hours and supervision

The number of hours is normally agreed by the employer and candidate, but they should not work excessively long or unnecessarily unsocial hours.

They should also not work more than five days in any consecutive seven-day period and it is strongly recommended they do not work more than a standard eight-hour day.

Ideally the candidate will assist experienced tradespeople in your company. You do however need to bear in mind their inexperience and knowledge of potential health and safety risks. The work experience candidate must be supervised at all times and must receive a full health and safety induction at the start of the placement. Ideally they would have a named supervisor; however this does not mean they cannot work alongside other staff. The free HSE guide "Young People and Work Experience" provides more detailed information and guidance. 

Your CITB Apprenticeship Officer should be informed if your candidate does not turn up, becomes unwell, or is involved in an accident or any disciplinary incident.

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