Information for parents and carers

CITB Experience Construction Programme

CITB take the health and well-being of all construction workers seriously, and our Apprenticeship Officers  are trained to help young people succeed in their chosen career. In England we have been rated outstanding by Ofsted for the support we provide.

Each student will have a dedicated Apprenticeship Officer, who will work with the employer to ensure they are aware of their responsibilities when providing a work experience placement.

Any employer must tell CITB and parents and carers if there are any significant workplace risks and how they are controlled. This can be done in whatever way is simplest and suitable, including a quick chat.

 If your child has any medical or behavioural conditions, for example asthma, you should let CITB or the employer know.

The Experience Construction Programme is a work experience scheme and therefore the student won’t be paid for the placement. However the experience will help them decide what career they would like, and demonstrates enthusiasm to prospective employers.

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