Carillion apprentices adoption grant

To help secure the future of the 1,400 displaced Carillion apprentices, CITB has devised a special grant and a package of support for employers who want to take on one of these apprentices.

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Who can claim?

You must be an employer who is registered with CITB for the Levy and submitted an accurate 2017 Levy Return by 31 December 2017.

How much is it?

Eligible employers who adopt a Carillion apprentice can claim an adoption grant of £1,000.

This adoption grant will be paid in 2 parts:

  • £500 on sign up
  • £500 after 3 months.

Employers who have adopted a Carillion apprentice will also be able to claim the following grants:

  • a standard apprenticeship attendance grant for each remaining year of the apprenticeship, provided that the learner is still continuing with their apprenticeship for that year
  • an apprenticeship achievement grant if the learner has achieved the full apprenticeship framework.

The terms of these two apprenticeship grants differ between England and Wales, and Scotland.

See How to claim for additional details of when the grant will be paid.

How to claim

  1. Speak to a CITB Apprenticeship Officer (AO). Contact your local CITB Apprenticeship office to request an appointment with one of our AOs.
  2. The AO will complete a claim form on your behalf and collect your company's bank account details for the adoption grant to be paid into.

The first part of the adoption grant will be paid after you have signed up that apprentice and CITB has processed the paperwork for your grant claim.

The second part of the grant will only be paid after your CITB AO has verified that the apprentice is still employed in your company after 3 months.

Your adoption grant claim will not be paid if we do not have your bank account details on our records.

Additional information

Grant can only be paid when your outstanding Levy has been paid in full, or a Direct Debit agreement has been set up.

Grant payments will be used to offset your Levy debt where you have Levy payments overdue.

Further questions?

If you have more questions about how to take on a Carillion apprentice or about this adoption grant, you can:

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