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Employer Networks

Employer Networks are an initiative set up and funded by CITB, run by local or sector specific network groups. It aims to simplify the way you get the support and funding you need to access the training you want. It’s all part of the service

Even better, because the employer networks are organising it all there’s no forms to fill in to apply for funding.
And unlike the restrictions in some other schemes, the training can be in anything that supports construction employers. These could be the trade skills you need right now or something you’ll need in the future - such as net zero, digital skills or mentoring. 
Collectively employers are shaping the way the funds provided by CITB are spent, and on what. And if the pilot is a success it could radically change the way training is funded by CITB

Get involved now

Tim Balcon, CITB Chief Executive said:

“I’m really excited about this pilot – this is about putting employers in the driving seat to identify and address their skills challenges and how best CITB can align our funding and resources to support their skills needs. 
I would encourage employers in the pilot areas to get involved and use their voice to shape training provision.” 

Local network areas

We’re running at least one network in every Nation, if you’re based in one of the areas shown below, and are Levy-registered, you can benefit from the Employer Network.

Sector specific groups

Sector specific groups have national coverage and currently include:


Stacey Felmingham - Office Coordinator, Aspect Group Services Ltd said:

“Having the Employer Network has enabled us to offer a wider variety of training courses to our team both on site and in the office.  With the support from the Norfolk Construction Training Group we have been able to navigate the process effectively and efficiently."

"The simplicity and broad scope of the initiative has allowed us to offer training to more employees than we initially budgeted for over the year, which is fantastic news as a business and for the individual."

Kelsey Burnett - Training Coordinator, Luddon Construction Ltd, Scottish Civils said:

"We’ve already booked in a number of upskilling courses for our existing staff. The increased funding has helped our business financially, allowing us to organise even more training, with no additional admin or claim forms to be submitted in order to receive the funding."

"The reduced administration has allowed our staff to focus on other things and knowing the employer network had everything in place on our behalf was such a weight lifted from our shoulders, knowing the funding was in hand."

Andrea Gravell - Resource Director, Lloyd & Gravell Ltd, Llanelli said:

"We heard about the Cyfle Employer Network through Carmarthenshire Construction Training Association Ltd.  By tapping into the training organised by the local employer network contractors are able to benefit from training that would otherwise be difficult to source and more expensive, as training providers require a minimum number to run a training course." 

The additional funding made available through the network has enabled us to use our training budget to increase training opportunities across the company."

More information 

Do I need to be a member of a training group to benefit? 

No. If you are registered with CITB, up to date with your levy and have an Employer network in your area you can access & benefit from this service.

Will it cost me anything to join? 

Employer networks are free to join for any Levy-registered employer. 

Are there any other costs? 

Each employer network has a budget to spend on training. The employers within the network decide how funds are used for the greatest benefit. This may mean training is subsidised, and in some cases fully funded. 

Is this only for face to face training? 

No. The training can be face-to-face (in person or tutor-led online) or e-learning. 

Is there a limit to how many can join in an area or sector? 

There are currently no limits in place to the number of employers that can benefit. However the pilot is for 12 months, so you should get involved as early as possible to get the most from it. 

Can I belong to a local network group and a sector specific one?

Yes. So long as you are within the local group's area and work in the chosen sector you can belong to both.

I’m not in any of these pilot areas or sectors – what does that mean for me? 

As the pilot progresses we’ll evaluate its success and consider where or if we can roll the scheme out further. Keep an eye out for more information.