Grants Scheme and how grants work

The CITB Grants Scheme provides grants for employers in the construction industry to train their workers.

The scheme helps to maintain health and safety standards on construction sites and to ensure the right skills are available for the industry to grow.

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Who can claim a grant

You can claim grants if you are an employer registered with CITB and you send a Levy Return by 30 November each year. Small employers that don’t need to pay the levy can still claim grants. 

Grants aren’t paid to individual employees. If you are an employee, you can ask your employer if they are registered with CITB so they can get a grant for your training. 

How grants work

Grants are for training and qualifications completed in the Grants Scheme year (1 April of this year to 31 March of the next year). 

You claim grants after your employee finishes their training or gains their qualification. If a course runs over more than one Grants Scheme year, you make separate claims for each year.

Grants for apprenticeships work slightly differently: you can start to claim a grant for their training as soon as you have registered him or her - you don’t need to wait for the apprenticeship to end. 

How to claim a grant

Each grant has slightly different rules. You can find information about how to claim on the individual grant pages. See a list of grants.

When you receive your grant 

You usually receive your grant money within four weeks of submitting a claim, if the claim is successful. Grants are paid by bank transfer.

If we do not hold your current bank details, please complete and submit the secure online Bacs Direct Credit Authorisation Form to receive grant payments.

Sometimes we need more information before we can pay a grant, and some claims are unsuccessful. 

Read about grant decisions and how to appeal

Help and more information

When formulating your training requirements, consider these principles of sound training.

If you would like to discuss your grant options, contact our customer services team on 0344 994 4455 or email

Terms and conditions

The Grants Scheme terms and conditions answer more questions about who can or can’t claim, and how our Grants Scheme works. 

Before you apply, make sure you've read and understood the terms and conditions.

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