Our Competency Framework

To achieve success it is important to not only focus on what we do but also how we do it. Our Competency Framework identifies the key behaviours we need in order to achieve high performance.

Fairness, Inclusion and Respect (FIR)

Contributes actively to a working environment that recognises, responds to and values the contribution of every individual.

Works collaboratively

Work with others across the business in a positive manner, sharing knowledge, good practice and experience.

Drives for results

Developing the dedication, motivation and personal commitment to achieve results which make a real difference to the business.

Working with courage and integrity

Acts in a principled, open and conscientious way, consistent with our values, challenges unacceptable behaviour and poor performance, keeps promises.

Building capability

Developing one’s own abilities and helping others to develop theirs in order to improve our service to customers.

Innovation, change and agility

Positively welcomes opportunities for change and continually identifies opportunities to improve performance.

Communicating with impact

Uses appropriate, clear and effective communications to achieve results, support and commitment.

Customer focus

The commitment to putting customers first, understanding their needs and delivering a consistently high standard of service which exceeds expectations.

Lead by example

A constant source of energy, support and encouragement. A visible role model for CITB’s behaviours.

Effective decision-making

Analyses relevant information – seeing guidance when appropriate, explores options, makes timely decisions and stands by them.