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Employer network pilot

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We are funding a year-long pilot to test a radical new way for companies to access training.

If you are based in one of the five test areas, and are levy registered, you can use the employer network. Simply tell the employer network your training priorities, and they will find training and help fund it for you. It’s really that easy.

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Aim of the pilot

The aim is to make accessing training simple, so that you and your staff can just turn up, learn and reap the benefits.

You won’t need to navigate the grant scheme, as CITB will fund the employer network to organise the training and pass the saving direct to you. And unlike the restrictions in some other schemes, the training can be in anything that helps you work better – whether it’s a construction skill; a health and safety course; a business skill; or a future skill need, such as net zero

The big difference is that it is local employers, like you, working together to decide how to spend the funding.

Tim Balcon, CITB Chief Executive said: “I’m really excited about this pilot – this is about putting employers in the driving seat to identify and address their local skills challenges and how best CITB can align our funding and resources to support their skills needs.

I would encourage employers in the pilot areas to get involved and use their voice to shape and engage with the local training provision.”

Pilot areas

We will shortly be writing to eligible employers in the pilot areas, but if you want to find out more, you can email your employer network contact:

The five pilot areas are:




South West Wales

Midlands - Civil engineering only


Do I need to be a member of the training group running my local scheme to benefit?

No. You do not have to join a training group or membership body to benefit The five pilots are being run by these organisations because they are experts in what training is offered locally, and they have proven their ability to source and organise training.


Will it cost me anything?

You will not have to pay to take part in the network, but may be asked to contribute towards specific training courses. Each employer network has a budget to spend on training, as well as funding to run the scheme. It is down to the employers within the network to decide how to funds are used for the greatest benefit. This may mean training is subsidised, and in some cases fully funded.


Is this only for face to face training?

No. The training can be face-to-face (in person or online) or e-learning.