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Plant grants review

The aim of the review is to simplify employer access to plant grants whilst maintaining high standards of training and testing in this safety critical area. We are working closely with industry including employers and federations throughout this process, drawing on their knowledge and expertise.

Plant short duration training review consultation

During October and November 2021, we carried out a consultation exercise with industry in order to gain views on what the new Plant Short Duration Training Standards and Grants should look like. We had 246 responses to the survey, the consultation is now closed.

There were a number of key themes which came out of the consultation, including:

  • New plant grants should be simple for employers to understand and access
  • Training and assessment should be combined in relation to CITB standards and grants
  • CITB standards should include minimum trainer and assessor requirements.

A full analysis of the feedback has been carried out. Using this evidence, in conjunction with further discussions with industry representatives, we are now working on the final proposals for the new plant grants and standards.

Plant short duration training standards

The consultation also asked for participation in the development of the training standards by sitting on an industry working group. A large number of people came forward to volunteer, and these working groups have now begun to meet. They are concentrating in the first instance on the more common categories of plant such as Excavator, Telehandler, Dumper and Ride on Roller.

There is currently no set timeline for the implementation of the new standards and grants structure. However, please look out for a further update in the next couple of months when we anticipate most of the key decisions to have been made.

This page will be updated on a regular basis as the work progresses.