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Specialist Applied-skills Programme (SAP) grant

We pay grant for learners on the Specialist Applied-skills Programme (SAPs). These programmes last 18 months and contain several related modules, leading to a Level 2 or 3 National or Scottish Vocational Qualification (NVQ or SVQ).

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We pay grants for:

  • the achievement of each training module with an approved SAP, corresponding to approved short course achievements
  • the achievement of the NVQ or SVQ at the end of the programme, corresponding to short qualifications.

We also contribute to course costs, which we pay directly to approved training providers through a separate commissioning process.

Who can apply for this grant?

You can apply if you’re a CITB Registered employer and up to date with your Levy Returns. As well as fulfilling our general Grants Scheme policy and specific requirements for this grant.

This grant is available for all directly employed full-time staff on the payroll who fulfil the funding eligibility requirements of the CITB’s National Specialist Accredited Centre (NSAC).

You should also ensure you have an agreement in place with the training provider before the course start date.

Which SAPs are covered for grant?

See more information and a full list of SAPs we pay grant for.

How much is it?

The grant package is made up of 3 parts:

  • £60, £140 or £240 for each grant-approved training module achieved. The grant rate is determined in the short course standard.
  • £600 for the completion of the NVQ or SVQ
  • a contribution of up to £4,000 per learner to cover course costs, paid directly by CITB to the training provider

How to apply

To check grant eligibility and to register your learner on a SAP, call NSAC on 0300 456 5561. 

To apply for the Vocational Qualification achievement at the end of the programme, follow the instructions on the short qualification grant page.

Have you sent us your bank details? 

Grants are paid by bank transfer. If we do not hold your current bank details, please complete and submit the secure online Bacs Direct Credit Authorisation Form to receive grant payments