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Full Course Listing by Category

Full Course Listing for General Construction
General Construction
ITSO1 2 Day Introduction to Setting Out
LFC1 2 Day Levelling For Construction
CRL04 Abrasive Wheels
LLW05 Advanced Surveying and Setting Out
CAL93 ConstructionSkills/CPA Use of Proprietary Shoring Equipment
EXSC34 Excavation Support Categories 3 and 4
EXSC5 Excavation Support Category 5
LLW02 Intermediate Surveying and Setting Out
LLWGPS Introduction to Setting Out with GPS
SSSO2 Levelling and Setting Out 2 Day
USW07 New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 Operatives
USW06 New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 Supervisors
PDCOS Petrol Driven Cut Off Saw and Abrasive Wheels
LT121 Safe Entry into Confined Spaces
CSMRL2 Safe Entry into Confined Spaces Level 2 Award in Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces
CEW01 Safe Support to Trenches and Shafts
SSSO5 Site Surveying and Setting Out (5 days)
CCW03 Supervisors and Engineers Concrete Appreciation
TWC Temporary Works Co-ordinator Training Course
TWA01 Temporary Works General Awareness
SSSO3 Total Station for Construction (3 days)
Full Course Listing for Health and Safety
Health and Safety
GAL02 Asbestos Awareness UKATA Accredited
CDM2015DHR CDM Awareness
CDMPCC CDM for Principal Contractors
CDMPDD CDM For Principal Designers and Designers
CDM2015 CDM Regulations Workshop
CDMC2015 CDM2015 for Clients
CDMGA2015 CDM2015 General Awareness
DRHS1 Directors Role for Health and Safety
DTWML Dying to Work Module 1: Lifestyle
DTWMN Dying to Work Module 2: Noise
DTWMV Dying to Work Module 3: Vibration
DTWMT Dying to Work Module 4: Take a Deep Breath
DTWMP Dying to Work Module 5: Protecting the Largest Organ
DTWMM Dying to Work Module 6: Musculoskeletal Disorders
HSA01 Health And Safety Awareness
MT603 Health and Safety Awareness
MT603GC Health and Safety Awareness and Green Card Training and Testing (Including Card)
LTL78 How to Deliver an Effective Tool Box Talk
HDEC1 How to Deliver Effective Communications
LT127 How to Write an Effective Risk Assessment & Method Statement
INCI01 Incident Investigation Workshop
BAL01 Ladder Safety
MHFA Mental Health First Aid
LT542 NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction Health and Safety
PMS01 Plant Management Safety Training Scheme (PMSTS)
PMS02 PMSTS Refresher/Conversion
SBP02 Promoting Cultural and Behavioural Change
RFF01 Respiratory Facefit
SUPMA Safe Use of Portable Mounted Abrasive Wheels
BAL09 Safe Working at Heights for Operatives
LTL90a Safety Harness - Use and Inspection
SEATS Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme
SEATSTCS Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme - Tutor Cross Skilling
LT516 Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS)
STO17 Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) - day release
LT216 Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) Refresher
MT605B Site Safety for Shopfitters and Interior Contractors
MT604R Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme Refresher
MT604 Site Supervisors` Safety Training Scheme
MT606 Technical and Professional Health and Safety Awareness
TWS01 Temporary Works Supervisor Course
LT257 The Role of Client in Construction (Design and Management) Regulations
LT256 The Role of Co-ordinator in Construction (Design and Management) Regulations
URSR1 Understanding the Role of the Safety Rep
Full Course Listing for Management & Supervisory
Management & Supervisory
CILM01 Construction ILM Award Level 3
CILM03 Construction ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management Practice
ES115 Construction Site Manager (5 Day)
EMP76 Construction Site Managers QCF (NVQ) Level 6
EMP73 Construction Site Supervision QCF (NVQ) Level 3
ES114 Construction Site Supervisor (3 Day)
MTW98 Construction Supervisor Award
EWM01 Energy and Waste Management
ES116 Equality and Diversity
EDC01 Equality and Diversity in Construction
FIRM1 Fairness, Respect and Inclusion: Senior Managers and Directors in Construction
FIRS1 Fairness, Respect and Inclusion: Supervisors and Line Managers in Construction
HMSP1 HAE Hire Managers and Supervisors Programme
ILMFLM3 ILM Level 3 Certificate in First Line Management
PTLLSIA Initial Assessment Preparing To Teach In The Life Long Sector (PTLLS)
ICYA01 Inspiring and Coaching Your Apprentice
ET001 Introduction to Construction Estimating
LMW18 Introduction to Trainer Skills City & Guilds 7300
LCR01 Low Carbon Retrofit
MLDT1 Management and Leadership Diagnostic Programme
MTD01 Managing Through the Downturn - 1 Day Course
OSFAST NVQ Level 3 & 4 for Construction Supervisors and Managers
PP001 Planning and Programming
PTLLS01 Preparing To Teach In The Life Long Sector (City & Guilds 7303)
Full Course Listing for Plant Maintenance
Plant Maintenance
DML05 Basic Welding
DML22 Electrical Safety Testing (PAT) City & Guilds Certificate
DCL66 Intoduction to the The Management of Thorough Examination (of Tower Cranes)
ITMTEH Introduction to the Management of the Thorough Examination of Plant (Hoists)
ITMEMC Introduction to the Management of Thorough Examination of Plant (Mobile Cranes)
DCL67 Introduction To The Management Of Tower Cranes
ITTEMC Introduction to the Thorough Examination Mobile Cranes
ITTEH Introduction to the Thorough Examination of Construction Hoists
DCL65 Introduction to the Thorough Examination of Tower Cranes
MOL01 Management Of Lifting Operations
MOTC01 Management of Tower Cranes
TRAILT2 Movement of Trailers and Mobile Towable Units Using Cars and Light Goods Vehicles
TRAILT3 Practical and Legislative Requirements of Trailer/ Mobile Towable Units Maintenance and Inspection
DML95 Safety In The Workshop
DML91 Take Control – Vehicle Marshalling
DML93 Testing and Inspection (Plant)
DML23 Track And Undercarriage Inspection
Full Course Listing for Plant Operations
Plant Operations
HEXSD 360 Excavator Short Duration
DCL11 Appointed Person (Lifting Operations) Including CPCS Test CPCS Code A61
DRW01 Asphalt Paver Operators (Note not CPCS)
DEW13 Combined Excavator 180° Wheeled and 360° Tracked
CPCS98 CPCS Tester Course
DCL60TR Crane Supervisor CPCS Code A62
DCW01TR Crawler Crane CPCS Code A02 Endorsement B All sizes
DEW07TR Dumptruck - Articulated Chassis - CPCS Code A56 - Endorsement B - All sizes
EWPO1 EWPA - Experienced Worker Practical Assessment - Plant
DEW01TR Excavator 180 Wheeled - CPCS Code A12 - Above 5 Tonnes - CPCS Code A10 - Below 5 Tonnes
DEW03TR Excavator 360 - Tracked - CPCS Code A58 Below 10 Tonnes - CPCS Code A59 Above 10 Tonnes
DDL08TR Forward Tipping Dumpers - Wheeled - CPCS Code A09
LWE01 Lifting with Excavators
DCL09TR Lorry Loader Endorsement A) Hook A36
LLSD Lorry Loader Short Duration
MCP05 Managing and Co-ordinating Plant (MCP)
DEW09TR Mini Excavator 360 CPCS A58
DCW02TR Mobile Crane CPCS Code A60 All duties
DCL05 Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) -<br />IPAF Boom and Scissor
OSPO1 OSAT - On Site Assessment Training Plant Operations
DCW60TR Pedestrain Operated Tower Crane A63
PAVM1 Plant an Vehicle Marshaller A73
SUQHIT Quick Hitch
DRW02TR Ride On Road Roller - CPCS Code A31
EBRR1 Safe Working Practices Around Construction Plant Equipment
SSSD Slinger Signaller Short Duration
DCL04TR Slinger/Signaller CPCS Code A40
DFW06TR Telescopic Handler CPCS Code A17 (CPCS Code A17D at NCC East) Endorsement c) All Sizes Excluding 36
THSD Telescopic Handler Short Duration
DCW03TR Tower Crane CPCS Code A04 Endorsement a) Trolley Jib b) Luffing Jib
CPCS97 Trainer Assessment Programme
DEW12TR Wastemaster Experienced Operator Training Wheeled Loading Shoval A21
DEW11TR Wastemaster Operator Training Wheeled Loading Shovel (Operative) CPCS Code A21
DEW02TR Wheeled Loading Shovel - CPCS Code A21
WLSSD Wheeled Loading Shovel Short Duration
Full Course Listing for Scaffolding and Access
Scaffolding and Access
8PK2 +8 - 2 Day Product Knowledge Course
BAL08S Advanced Scaffold Inspection Training Scheme (SITS) CISRS
BAW03 Advanced Scaffolding
COTS CISRS Operative Training Scheme (COTS)
CLPK2 Cuplok - 2 Day Product Knowledge Course
BAL95C Cuplok Basic Access System Erector
EWSC1 Experienced Worker Practical Assessment - EWPA
KSPK2 Kwikstage - 2 Day Product Knowledge Course
BAL95K Kwikstage Basic Access System Erector
LAYPK2 Layher - 2 Day Product Knowledge Course
BAL10P PASMA Mobile Access Towers
PLEPK2 Plettac - 2 Day Product Knowledge Course
BAL05 S/NVQ 2 Practical Assessment-Tube & Fitting or System
BAL05A S/NVQ 3 Practical Assessment-Tube & Fitting
BAL06S Scaffold Inspection Training Scheme (SITS) CISRS
BAW018 Scaffolding Part 1- +8 System Scaffold
BAW01C Scaffolding Part 1-Cuplock
BAW01H Scaffolding Part 1-Haki System
BAW01KK Scaffolding Part 1-Kwikstage System Scaffold
BAW01L Scaffolding Part 1-Layher System Scaffold
BAW01P Scaffolding Part 1-Plettac System Scaffold
BAW01 Scaffolding Part 1-Tube & Fitting-System Scaffold
BAW028 Scaffolding Part 2 - +8 System Scaffold
BAW02C Scaffolding Part 2- Cuplok System Scaffold
BAW02H Scaffolding Part 2- Haki System Scaffold
BAW02K Scaffolding Part 2- Kwikstage System Scaffold
BAW02L Scaffolding Part 2- Layher System Scaffold
BAW02P Scaffolding Part 2- Plettac System Scaffold
BAW02 Scaffolding Part 2-Tube & Fitting-System Scaffold
BAL25 Scaffolding Supervisor (CISRS)
TG2013 TG20 - Principal Changes
Full Course Listing for Sustainability
BIC01 Business Improvement in Construction
BIC02 Business Improvement In Construction - 4 Day
ES101 Environmental Management Systems at Site Level
SSSIM02 Site Sustainability Simplified
UTCFSH1 Understanding the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH)
ES102 Waste Management on Site

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