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Health and Safety

Full Course Listing for Health and Safety
Course code Course name
GAL02 GAL02 - Asbestos Awareness UKATA Accredited
CDM2015DHR CDM2015DHR - CDM Awareness
CDMPCC CDMPCC - CDM for Principal Contractors
CDMPDD CDMPDD - CDM For Principal Designers and Designers
CDM2015 CDM2015 - CDM Regulations Workshop
CDMC2015 CDMC2015 - CDM2015 for Clients
CDMGA2015 CDMGA2015 - CDM2015 General Awareness
DRHS1 DRHS1 - Directors Role for Health and Safety
DTWML DTWML - Dying to Work Module 1: Lifestyle
DTWMN DTWMN - Dying to Work Module 2: Noise
DTWMV DTWMV - Dying to Work Module 3: Vibration
DTWMT DTWMT - Dying to Work Module 4: Take a Deep Breath
DTWMP DTWMP - Dying to Work Module 5: Protecting the Largest Organ
DTWMM DTWMM - Dying to Work Module 6: Musculoskeletal Disorders
HSA01 HSA01 - Health And Safety Awareness
MT603 MT603 - Health and Safety Awareness
MT603GC MT603GC - Health and Safety Awareness and Green Card Training and Testing (Including Card)
LTL78 LTL78 - How to Deliver an Effective Tool Box Talk
HDEC1 HDEC1 - How to Deliver Effective Communications
LT127 LT127 - How to Write an Effective Risk Assessment & Method Statement
INCI01 INCI01 - Incident Investigation Workshop
BAL01 BAL01 - Ladder Safety
MHFA MHFA - Mental Health First Aid
LT542 LT542 - NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction Health and Safety
PMS01 PMS01 - Plant Management Safety Training Scheme (PMSTS)
PMS02 PMS02 - PMSTS Refresher/Conversion
SBP02 SBP02 - Promoting Cultural and Behavioural Change
RFF01 RFF01 - Respiratory Facefit
SUPMA SUPMA - Safe Use of Portable Mounted Abrasive Wheels
BAL09 BAL09 - Safe Working at Heights for Operatives
LTL90a LTL90a - Safety Harness - Use and Inspection
SEATS SEATS - Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme
SEATSTCS SEATSTCS - Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme - Tutor Cross Skilling
LT516 LT516 - Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS)
STO17 STO17 - Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) - day release
LT216 LT216 - Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) Refresher
MT605B MT605B - Site Safety for Shopfitters and Interior Contractors
MT604R MT604R - Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme Refresher
MT604 MT604 - Site Supervisors` Safety Training Scheme
MT606 MT606 - Technical and Professional Health and Safety Awareness
TWS01 TWS01 - Temporary Works Supervisor Course
LT257 LT257 - The Role of Client in Construction (Design and Management) Regulations
LT256 LT256 - The Role of Co-ordinator in Construction (Design and Management) Regulations
URSR1 URSR1 - Understanding the Role of the Safety Rep

Management & Supervisory

Full Course Listing for Management & Supervisory
Course code Course name
CILM01 CILM01 - Construction ILM Award Level 3
CILM03 CILM03 - Construction ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management Practice
ES115 ES115 - Construction Site Manager (5 Day)
EMP76 EMP76 - Construction Site Managers QCF (NVQ) Level 6
EMP73 EMP73 - Construction Site Supervision QCF (NVQ) Level 3
ES114 ES114 - Construction Site Supervisor (3 Day)
MTW98 MTW98 - Construction Supervisor Award
EWM01 EWM01 - Energy and Waste Management
ES116 ES116 - Equality and Diversity
EDC01 EDC01 - Equality and Diversity in Construction
FIRM1 FIRM1 - Fairness, Respect and Inclusion: Senior Managers and Directors in Construction
FIRS1 FIRS1 - Fairness, Respect and Inclusion: Supervisors and Line Managers in Construction
HMSP1 HMSP1 - HAE Hire Managers and Supervisors Programme
ILMFLM3 ILMFLM3 - ILM Level 3 Certificate in First Line Management
PTLLSIA PTLLSIA - Initial Assessment Preparing To Teach In The Life Long Sector (PTLLS)
ICYA01 ICYA01 - Inspiring and Coaching Your Apprentice
ET001 ET001 - Introduction to Construction Estimating
LMW18 LMW18 - Introduction to Trainer Skills City & Guilds 7300
LCR01 LCR01 - Low Carbon Retrofit
MLDT1 MLDT1 - Management and Leadership Diagnostic Programme
MTD01 MTD01 - Managing Through the Downturn - 1 Day Course
OSFAST OSFAST - NVQ Level 3 & 4 for Construction Supervisors and Managers
PP001 PP001 - Planning and Programming
PTLLS01 PTLLS01 - Preparing To Teach In The Life Long Sector (City & Guilds 7303)

Plant Operations

Full Course Listing for Plant Operations
Course code Course name
HEXSD HEXSD - 360 Excavator Short Duration
DCL11 DCL11 - Appointed Person (Lifting Operations) Including CPCS Test CPCS Code A61
DRW01 DRW01 - Asphalt Paver Operators (Note not CPCS)
DEW13 DEW13 - Combined Excavator 180° Wheeled and 360° Tracked
CPCS98 CPCS98 - CPCS Tester Course
DCL60TR DCL60TR - Crane Supervisor CPCS Code A62
DCW01TR DCW01TR - Crawler Crane CPCS Code A02 Endorsement B All sizes
DEW07TR DEW07TR - Dumptruck - Articulated Chassis - CPCS Code A56 - Endorsement B - All sizes
EWPO1 EWPO1 - EWPA - Experienced Worker Practical Assessment - Plant
DEW01TR DEW01TR - Excavator 180 Wheeled - CPCS Code A12 - Above 5 Tonnes - CPCS Code A10 - Below 5 Tonnes
DEW03TR DEW03TR - Excavator 360 - Tracked - CPCS Code A58 Below 10 Tonnes - CPCS Code A59 Above 10 Tonnes
DDL08TR DDL08TR - Forward Tipping Dumpers - Wheeled - CPCS Code A09
LWE01 LWE01 - Lifting with Excavators
DCL09TR DCL09TR - Lorry Loader Endorsement A) Hook A36
LLSD LLSD - Lorry Loader Short Duration
MCP05 MCP05 - Managing and Co-ordinating Plant (MCP)
DEW09TR DEW09TR - Mini Excavator 360 CPCS A58
DCW02TR DCW02TR - Mobile Crane CPCS Code A60 All duties
DCL05 DCL05 - Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) -<br />IPAF Boom and Scissor
OSPO1 OSPO1 - OSAT - On Site Assessment Training Plant Operations
DCW60TR DCW60TR - Pedestrain Operated Tower Crane A63
PAVM1 PAVM1 - Plant an Vehicle Marshaller A73
DRW02TR DRW02TR - Ride On Road Roller - CPCS Code A31
EBRR1 EBRR1 - Safe Working Practices Around Construction Plant Equipment
SSSD SSSD - Slinger Signaller Short Duration
DCL04TR DCL04TR - Slinger/Signaller CPCS Code A40
DFW06TR DFW06TR - Telescopic Handler CPCS Code A17 (CPCS Code A17D at NCC East) Endorsement c) All Sizes Excluding 36
THSD THSD - Telescopic Handler Short Duration
DCW03TR DCW03TR - Tower Crane CPCS Code A04 Endorsement a) Trolley Jib b) Luffing Jib
CPCS97 CPCS97 - Trainer Assessment Programme
DEW12TR DEW12TR - Wastemaster Experienced Operator Training Wheeled Loading Shoval A21
DEW11TR DEW11TR - Wastemaster Operator Training Wheeled Loading Shovel (Operative) CPCS Code A21
DEW02TR DEW02TR - Wheeled Loading Shovel - CPCS Code A21
WLSSD WLSSD - Wheeled Loading Shovel Short Duration

Scaffolding and Access

Full Course Listing for Scaffolding and Access
Course code Course name
8PK2 8PK2 - +8 - 2 Day Product Knowledge Course
BAL08S BAL08S - Advanced Scaffold Inspection Training Scheme (SITS) CISRS
BAW03 BAW03 - Advanced Scaffolding
COTS COTS - CISRS Operative Training Scheme (COTS)
CLPK2 CLPK2 - Cuplok - 2 Day Product Knowledge Course
BAL95C BAL95C - Cuplok Basic Access System Erector
EWSC1 EWSC1 - Experienced Worker Practical Assessment - EWPA
KSPK2 KSPK2 - Kwikstage - 2 Day Product Knowledge Course
BAL95K BAL95K - Kwikstage Basic Access System Erector
LAYPK2 LAYPK2 - Layher - 2 Day Product Knowledge Course
BAL10P BAL10P - PASMA Mobile Access Towers
PLEPK2 PLEPK2 - Plettac - 2 Day Product Knowledge Course
BAL05 BAL05 - S/NVQ 2 Practical Assessment-Tube & Fitting or System
BAL05A BAL05A - S/NVQ 3 Practical Assessment-Tube & Fitting
BAL06S BAL06S - Scaffold Inspection Training Scheme (SITS) CISRS
BAW018 BAW018 - Scaffolding Part 1- +8 System Scaffold
BAW01C BAW01C - Scaffolding Part 1-Cuplock
BAW01H BAW01H - Scaffolding Part 1-Haki System
BAW01KK BAW01KK - Scaffolding Part 1-Kwikstage System Scaffold
BAW01L BAW01L - Scaffolding Part 1-Layher System Scaffold
BAW01P BAW01P - Scaffolding Part 1-Plettac System Scaffold
BAW01 BAW01 - Scaffolding Part 1-Tube & Fitting-System Scaffold
BAW028 BAW028 - Scaffolding Part 2 - +8 System Scaffold
BAW02C BAW02C - Scaffolding Part 2- Cuplok System Scaffold
BAW02H BAW02H - Scaffolding Part 2- Haki System Scaffold
BAW02K BAW02K - Scaffolding Part 2- Kwikstage System Scaffold
BAW02L BAW02L - Scaffolding Part 2- Layher System Scaffold
BAW02P BAW02P - Scaffolding Part 2- Plettac System Scaffold
BAW02 BAW02 - Scaffolding Part 2-Tube & Fitting-System Scaffold
BAL25 BAL25 - Scaffolding Supervisor (CISRS)
TG2013 TG2013 - TG20 - Principal Changes

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