Why CITB is changing how it supports construction training

CITB is changing the way it supports training for the construction industry. Part of this change involves the launch of new products and services.

Why is CITB doing this?

CITB is leading the creation of a list of training standards which come into effect from April 2018. This will mean an individual’s skills will be transferable across the construction industry in Great Britain. To enable this to happen, CITB is launching new services for both training organisations and employers.

These services will provide a single place for employers to:

  • find industry approved training
  • search for their employee’s training achievements, and
  • receive automated grant payments to employers.

The data generated by the system will allow CITB to target funding on the areas of most need to the construction industry.

What are the new services?

Construction Training Directory

A searchable online directory of construction training courses, tests and qualifications delivered by Approved Training Organisations (ATOs) to defined training standards that have been developed with input from industry.

Employers can choose a provider based on location, price and timing, making it easy to select a course that best meets their needs.

Construction Training Register

An online register that holds individuals’ transferable, construction training courses and qualifications achievements. Over time, it will build a comprehensive picture of skills training across Great Britain.

Employers will be able to check the skills and competence of their workforce and new recruits, helping to confirm they have the right skills and improve productivity.

Approved Training Organisations (ATOs)

An organisation delivering construction training courses and qualifications to a defined training standard, who have successfully completed the CITB approval process.

These could include commercial training providers, in-house training departments, and educational establishments.

Automated grant payments

On successful completion of a course, an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) will confirm the learner’s achievement, upload the details onto the Construction Training Register, thereby triggering the automated grant process.

This will speed up the payment process and remove the need for employers to complete paperwork.

1. Once the standards are available, how do training providers register their current courses to the standard?

Training providers will be able to register through the CITB website to become an ATO for these training courses.

2. How do I become a CITB Approved Training Organisation?

We will contact existing ‘One Contract’ training providers with specific instructions in November and other training providers will be able to register through the CITB website to become an ATO for these training courses.

3. If we are already an approved CPCS or Site Safety Plus provider, will the new standard courses contract be added to the existing the contract?

We expect that training providers who wish to become an ATO to deliver grant eligible short duration courses, will need to apply. But CITB will work with the provider to ensure the process takes into account information we already know about that provider.

4. Will historical training be added to the register?

We are only planning to include the data CITB currently manages on the Construction Training Register. This is subject to data availability and compliance with data protection legislation.

5. Is there a charge to process the application pack?

For commercial training providers delivering assured products, it will cost £750 per annum to be registered on the Construction Training Directory.

If you are an existing centre delivering a CITB Product who does not wish to be approved for assured products, this is covered in your original fee.

6. Will the audit take place yearly?

We expect the audit to take place yearly as a minimum.

7. Are templates available for the current standards?

For established standards which are held by other organisations, see Short duration courses and standards.

For standards currently in development, see Training standards for consultation.

8. Will we have to pay a separate annual fee for the assured products courses?

Yes, it will cost commercial training providers (who are offering grant eligible short duration courses) £750 a year to be registered on the Construction Training Directory.

See ATO fees for Construction Training Directory.

9. Will training providers be able to state on their certificates for assured courses that it is approved by CITB?

Yes, but CITB will require an ATO to refer to the product as CITB Construction Training Directory and CITB Construction Training Register within the text.

10. What benefits will be included in the annual fee of £750?

Approved Training Organisations will be able to share their training courses through the Construction Training Directory and increase their visibility to the construction industry.

11. Will there be a reduction in price from the £750 if my centre already holds CPCS, ITC and SSP?

No, it will cost commercial training providers offering grant eligible short duration courses £750 a year to be registered on the Construction Training Directory.

See ATO fees for Construction Training Directory.

12. If there is no fee reduction, will I receive more than one yearly audit?

CITB will work with training providers to ensure audits work effectively for both parties which may mean audits are scheduled at the same time.

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