About Apprenticeship Frameworks in Wales

An apprenticeship in construction follows a pattern of vocational training to meet the requirements of a ConstructionSkills' approved framework. 

This enables them to develop skills and knowledge which they can then demonstrate and evidence in a real construction environment.

Apprenticeship framework for - The Foundation (Level 2) Apprenticeship (Level 3) Higher (Level 4 and above) in:

  • Construction Building
  • Construction Civil Engineering
  • Construction Specialist
  • Construction Technical and Professional

Foundation (Level 2) and Apprenticeship (level 3) in construction occupations have been meeting the needs of employers since the mid 1990’s. The introduction of the Technical and Professional Apprenticeship (Level 3 and above) will encourage recruitment from a more diverse pool of talent and improve technical, management and leadership skills.

 The apprenticeship at Foundation (Level 2), Apprenticeship (Level 3) and Higher (Level 4 and above) has been developed to help meet the skills priorities of the industry and for Wales by:

  • continuing to provide qualifications required by employers to help their business grow
  • introducing a higher apprenticeship route at Level 4, 5 and 6 to provide a career pathway to supervisory and management levels
  • meeting the requirements of the Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for Wales (SASW)
  • incorporating Essential Skills Wales at levels 1 and 2 thereby improving the levels of basic literacy and numeracy skills in the workforce
  • wider Key Skills
  • providing qualifications for competence and knowledge, approved by employers to meet the skills mix they require
  • incorporating employment rights and responsibilities, recommending a minimum number of hours for induction and mentoring to develop employability and learning skills
  • providing progress pathways from level 2 , 3 and 4
  • addressing skills gaps and shortages in priority sectors in Wales such as the under representation of women and ethnic minorities.
  • Enabling greater flexibility to meet additional employer requirements through addition of up to 6 additional units from QCF and QALL pillar of CQFQ
  • Quality Assured Lifelong Learning (QALL)

Component parts of the framework also include:

Employee Rights and Responsibilities (ERR)

To meet the Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for England (SASE) and Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for Wales (SASW) an apprentice must achieve the standards of attainment set out in the Employee Rights and Responsibilities (ERR) national outcomes.

Downloads of the Constructionskills' Training Specifications for the delivery of ERR and a Certificate template are available for use by clicking on the links below.

Apprenticeship Framework Online (AFO)

For information on Apprenticeship Frameworks that meet the national standards for England and Wales, Apprenticeship Framework Online

If you have any queries regarding Apprenticeship Completion Certifications for ACW please telephone the  Helpline: 08448 752274 or email at frameworksCB@citb.co.uk.

Apprenticeship completion certificates

Apprenticeship Completion Certificates Claim Form Wales (Word 37KB)

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