Vocational Qualification Support Process

The Sector Skills Council (SSC) for construction provides support for construction related vocational qualifications.  

CITB, the SSC for the construction industry, ensures that the industry’s vocational qualifications are fit-for-purpose and meet the needs of the sector.  Awarding Organisations are requested to submit their proposals which will be reviewed against CITB’s Qualification Support process to standards.qualifications@citb.co.uk

 In Scotland, The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) promotes lifelong learning in Scotland. Through the Framework  you can gain a better understanding of qualifications in Scotland and plan your future learning

  • As the Industry Training Board for Northern Ireland, CITB NI, in partnership with ConstructionSkills, form the Sector Skills Council for Construction for qualifying the construction workforce activities in Northern Ireland. Find out more CITB Northern Ireland (CITBNI) 
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