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Found 218 research reports. Research reports are sorted in reverse chronological order.

Local Construction Skills Needs for Scotland

This CITB report gives a detailed five-year overview of skills, demand and supply in the Scottish construction industry at a regional level.

Migration in the UK construction industry and built environment sector

This CITB report provides fresh evidence to help inform decision-making by the UK Government, the construction sector and CITB in the run-up to, and following, Brexit.

CBE: Skills transferability in the UK

A CITB report and supplementary green paper to understand the potential of skills transferability into, and within the UK construction sector.

Building engagement: Encouraging leadership in construction

This report investigates the links between leadership and engagement within construction companies. It highlights practical steps that can be taken to improve business in the construction industry.

Changing perceptions: the growing appeal of a career in construction

This report outlines the findings of a CITB survey to understand perceptions of construction careers among young people, parents and career advice professionals.

Survey on Levy and grant support

These are the results of a survey of non-represented employers’ views on support for the Levy and Grant system (Consensus). The survey showed strong support for the 2018-2020 Levy proposal.

A new reality: immersive learning in construction

This report explores how the sector can modernise and innovate its training methods. It assesses the benefits provided by immersive learning and how it is being applied to best effect.

Achievers and leavers: barriers and opportunities for people entering the construction industry

This report brings together three related pieces of research to give an insight into the barriers and opportunities workers may face when entering the industry.

Value of vocational qualifications in the construction and built environment sector

CITB commissioned this study to examine the benefits that vocational construction and built environment qualifications bring to individuals, employers and the economy of Great Britain.

Destinations of construction learners in further education

This report presents findings from a study in England that compared learners’ expected outcomes from completing further education, construction and built environment courses in 2015/6 with the actual outcomes.
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