A New Reality: Immersive Learning in Construction

The construction industry has been an early adopter in the use of immersive technology – including tools such as virtual and augmented reality. These innovations are revolutionising training delivery and transforming the perception of the construction sector for young people.

Employers and training providers are facing many challenges. They need to appeal to future workers and ensuring high-quality, cost-effective training. Understanding the role of Immersive Learning is hugely important to make this happen. 

CITB commissioned this report – ‘A New Reality: Immersive Learning in Construction’ – to explore how the sector can modernise and innovate its training methods. It uses case studies from market leaders to assess the benefits provided by immersive learning and how it is being applied to best effect. The report sets these ‘opportunity areas’ against some of the challenges faced in wider adoption and demonstrates how to maximise the potential of this technology for learning.

The report delivers targeted recommendations and an action plan for CITB in collaboration with stakeholders to ensure immersive learning can fully play its role in an innovative, appealing and productive industry. 

The summary and the main report are presented in the links below.

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